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Okay bring it on...I can give you all kind of American cliches now that I have found this book…Charlotte, Judy game on!

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And when the cows come home...what will you do? Is this a sew-cation or a serious va-cation?
It could depend upon whether she is burning the midnight oil or even lighting the candle from both ends!

she'll be right mate.. no need to carry on like a pork chop.. I'll have that dress finished in two shakes of a lambs tail.... you want it finished properly or you want a broken packet of biscuits?

Well it's a nine day wonder for sure and Tuesday is mare's nest, but I would suggest you make a clean breast of it!

Don't make a mountain out of a molehill, a blind man on a galloping horse would be glad to see that.


See you round like a rissole! (OK, I got the last one from an Australian soap, hope that's not cheating)

I think its "hump day Wednesday"...hahhaha Cathe.
Haha, I always say its "hump day" on a Wednesday and people just look at me funny! Ahh well its off up the apple and pears to bedfordshire for me soon
Probably have a busman's holiday and go fabric searching etc ...
sounds fun to me.
Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs if I don't have fun doing that.
How could we forget that a stitch in time saves nine and that us birds of a feather stick together?

Hi Diane,

 we say those too-- just a word difference funny what miles apart does.haha

 A stitch in time saves a dime


Birds of feathers flock together


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