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Okay bring it on...I can give you all kind of American cliches now that I have found this book…Charlotte, Judy game on!

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David loves to say "whatever smokes your salmon"...makes me giggle every time!
as opposed to 'put that in you pipe and smoke it'?
As long as nobody gets their knickers in a twist about this, it should all be plain sailing
Or... as long as no body gets their drawers in a wad!! hee,hee

How about 'thats fine as frogs hair'

or 'Hot enough to kill hogs'.......

it depends upon whether they are as rare as hens teeth, or as straight as a corkscrew!


If so- you are also probably as happy as a mule eating briars.
That's pretty happy,isnt it?hahaha
as happy as a pig in muck!
Ours is -- happy as a pig in his slop!
I'd like to see hen's teeth!

Well...there's a lot of apple pie-order here!
I've just booked a week of holiday from work so today I feel as if I can work until the cows come home ...


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