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Okay bring it on...I can give you all kind of American cliches now that I have found this book…Charlotte, Judy game on!

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yep..I heard that one.  Thats pretty flat ,isnt it.ha
It's kind of weird, but completely funny!
I Googled that saying and you are right!

It may have come from the Marilyn Monroe film 'The Seven Year Itch' in which she stands over a New York Subway vent and seems to be having a great time doing so. Other similar expressions are 'Whatever:
Lights your fire
Floats your boat
Flicks your switch
Blows your skirt / kilt up
Bloats your goat
Butters your biscuit
Creams your soda
Flies your flag
Humps your camel
Mows your lawn

I won't be saying "whatever humps your camel" as humping things has a completely different meaning around here.... ;0)


The most common one we use is "floats your boat" of course


On the same note, you may not know that the name "Randy" is not at all popular in England for a similar reason!


Judy - these two bit of info are not for repeating to Kenny, he already thinks I am "round the bend"

I was a little concerned with "humps your camel" but "bloats your goat" also seems a bit odd.


Randy… how about Ralph?

Ralph is fine, Randy not so much ;0)
I have a foreign friend who was complaining about cars hooting, but it came out as, 'why are they all horning'?  I nearly choked laughing ...
tee hee x
Tooting can be a problem too...

hahahahahaha... Ok...I will 'TRY' my best to be good and keep quiet.  What ever floats your boat!!!heehee

  YEP...Humping is not nice around here either... But, I was so shocked about Randy..Kenny and I both have newphews named Randy.. so funny... Boy ..are we learning alot..[good and bad]!!!

 I'm telling you.. You are doing your homework.!!!

You have it all figured out.. I must sit and think of some


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