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Okay bring it on...I can give you all kind of American cliches now that I have found this book…Charlotte, Judy game on!

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NOT  FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Charolette and I dont have a book........ hahahhahha.


           But we're game....

 [Charolette t or Cathe..... have you heard that one... we are game}


What about men's  or ladies drawers...what are they called in the book??

Zippo, nothing... But life is a bowl of cherries is about being on easy street!

Cathe.. bet you havent heard this one>>>>

 'oh, what ever blows your dress up"


Here's another one..

 A bought lesson is better than  a free one..



Judy you are pushing my dictionary beyond it's printed word. No I have not heard these phrases and I believe you need to explain them so they can become part of our lexicon!

Oh..what ever blows your dress up--- Kenny worked with an elderly man..and anytime , he would ask the man ,what he wanted to do next..his reply was..{oh whateve blows your dress up..meaning.. I dont care..waht ever makes you happy??????????]haha who knows???


 A bought lesson is better than a free one ----  Kennys daddy always said this to other words, if they tried something and messed up....they would learn from it. once you messed up...and discovered had learnt a valueble [free] lesson.. [WOW...that was hard to explain... did it make sense?


My brother inlaw used to say 'eh, the old lady kissed the cow' and shrug like, 'what can you do?' . The possible origin of that still scares me!
Hi Annne.. so funny..we probably dont want  to know,what they were talking about.. ha
Whatever floats your boat ...
Apparently my book is limited but useful I hope!

How about "naked as a jail bird" or " go fry an egg"...

Naked as a jail bird..I've heard this one.. but

        go fry an egg... whats that???hahahha

Umm "go fry an egg"... stop bugging me.

John's grandpa would say "tighter than a crab's ass and that's water tight". The only reference this book has to that saying is " tight as a tick" which means extremely tight with one's money... Which I think is pretty much what g'pa Henery meant.
Hah in Bristol UK, My grandad used to say "Tight as a badgers Arse" So i'm guessing thats a variation


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