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I love browsing the internet and often you see lots of suppliers with lovely fabrics but I just cannot bring myself to buy anything online.  I need to feel what im buying.I know most places send you a specific sample if you request and some sites do Fabric clubs - they send you samples 4 times a year.

My question is : Have you bought any fabric over the internet? How was your experience? Tips for first time buyers??

Sites you recomend??

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I buy a lot of fabrics online and has so far only had one disappointment. That was my own fault, though, I misread the width of the stripes on a fabric. I read 8 centimeters when it was 8 inches...


I have bought from, but also buy from Cheapfabrics:


And from Pure Silks:

Has anyone tried this place ?

Has anyone used/heard of Spoonflower ?

You can make your own fabrics there!! I want to know if its any good. Most fabrics start at $18 us a yard (I try stay under $10 at most...)

I think it is nice quality cotton. I am heading to the Maker Fair on Saturday and Spoonflower is doing something with Burda. I think we will get to sew with some of the fabric so I'll let you know what if feels like.
Oh thank you very much!
I picked up an extra swatch book from Spoonflower at the Maker Faire. If you send me your address, I am happy to send it along to you. They have more types then I thought.


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