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Hi everyone! 

I'm new to the site, but have been sewing for 20+ years. My mother taught me when I was young by having me sit with her next to the sewing machine. She has amazing talent and can make anything by simply looking at a picture. Unfortunately she never taught me any of the terms since she doesn't know them herself (in English). Her instructions were always "Do this, now this, fold here...". If it wasn't for those little pictures on the instruction sheets, I would never have been able to sew without her. But now I want to know!

Does anyone have any good books to recommend for someone who would like to put a word to every technique? 


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There are several clothing and sewing glossaries online, but if you want to look at a drawing or photo and read what it is, then the older editions of "Reader's Digest Guide to Sewing" (1970's and 80's) would be great--this includes a huge range of techniques, so you'll probably find what your mom taught you tucked away in the book.

Thank you!


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