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Okay this one falls more to "such" than "resources"…what is your preference when you sew, barefoot or shoes? I can't stand to wear shoes when I'm pressing down on my presser foot, I feel like I have more control without a shoe on. I've taken a few sewing classes and noticed others have the same aversion too. What's your preference?

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barefoot, I feel more in control.
Barefoot!! I hate not being able to feel the pedal.
slippers ;0)
Barefoot for me - it feels really weird to sew the shoes on!
Definitely no shoes... However.. the minute I walk into the comes my shoes.. If its cold weather..I wear socks..but no shoes... So.trying to sew with shoes...would not work for me..
Barefoot! It was weird for my students when I would slip off a shoe when sewing, but after the first class they started doing it too!
Barefoot! Well, at least not with shoes and slippers on. I find it hard to regulate speed if I wear them.
I'm with Charlotte--slippers for me too!
perhaps that's a UK climate thing? I hate having cold feet ;0)
It's even colder in Sweden... ;) I always wear slippers at home, but kick them off for sewing.
I resort to warm socks!
I cannot live without socks...


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