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Just seen Mena has put up a couple more challenges, so I googled "pin up" for initial ideas and there is a whole very useful list on wikipedia that I thought you all might like


any ideas? It's a great theme.....


PS even I get what to do for "The colour orange" ;0)

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Here is the link to the dresses from the new issue:

thanks for the links Nora, really useful (I have been practising standing with my hip thrust out to one side all day)

Hi Charolette,

   I sure hope you were getting that practice sesson [thrusting the hip to one side] on video..

All us sw girls ,would just LOVE to see it.hahahhahahha



tee hee

Fantastic, now you need to thrust it out to the other side ;-)

I seem to be stuck ...... help......

I love the themes weks in advance, I am trying to give them more of a go!! My waldrobe is not really lending itself to pin up material at the mo! Although I have realised that I have orange flowers in some fabric I have just bought, so maybe a entry. The first in some time, I've become a real slacker!!

 Charolette P.  I love it too.. It really helps to think ahead..even If  I cant do one... I can start planning on the next one..  Or if I know.. a certain week will be really busy,, I  can do more the other week..Love it!!!

   I like your idea of the fabric with the orange flowers..Just perfect.  I love the color I have several choices.. when I buy fabrics... they tend to be red or orange.. And that's not intentional..ha

Pin-up Boutique is a really great site for inspiration!
I'm doing it.  Mine my trend a bit towards the trampy though bc its going to double as sleep wear.  We'll see if I'm brave enough to model or not.
Hey, if you are having trouble with orange, how about using it as an accent colour with teal blues.  I have a friend who always wears clothes in the turquoise/teal/clean blue through to purples, and recently we saw some fabric in the blue shades with amber/orange accents and it look ab. fab. as they are complimentary colours.
Thanks Rosemary - great idea, something to think about


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