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Just got a tip for those people living in/near Vancouver, BC - a woman I know will be selling off her deceased mother-in-law's clothing and fabric collections in two separate sales:


1) Vintage clothing sale tomorrow 10-2 at Marpole place. Clothes from the 50s-70s in various sizes. Apparently there's some nice stuff there. Sadly I can't go.

2) Fabric Sale August 6th 10-2 at Marpole Place. All kinds of fabric, being sold at $2 per metre. Apparently the woman was a bit of a hoarder and there are 2 dozen rubbermaid totes of the stuff from all different eras and of various qualities. I plan to be waiting outside the door right at 10 :)




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Oh no, I'm not going to Vancouver until the 10th!  Boo.

Oh. That's a ridiculous bummer then isn't it? Staying around the east end by any chance?


West Van (family) unfortunately, since it's so far from everything.  I'm going to have a blogger meet-up with Tasia of Sewaholic Patterns so I can pick up the new Lonsdale and get a break from family obligations ;)
Hopefully by the time you arrive the weather will be a bit less grey - but I suppose coming from the east, our cool summer weather sounds attractive to you!

Yes, this morning was a relatively cool 32C, so we opened up all the windows to get some fresh air for the first time this week!  But after a walk to the farmer's market, it's back to AC, unfortunately.  Vancouver's cool cloudy weather won't be a downer this time!

 How is the gardening going out there?  Our garden is full of berries, the currants are just finished, tomatoes are almost ready...


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