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  Have you ever had a  certain day... that just turned into  a fabulous day??? Yesterday was my day..  And of course it all  is related to  my wonderfu hobby," sewing".

   As most of you know, I ,just this year, decided to start sewing for 'ME' , after sewing for kids and grandkids for 25 years.. Well, I have NEVER had a  dress form.. But ,since joining the sew weekly, and sewing for me..I REALLY wanted one.  I have been searching ebay and sales. But tooo expensive. Well, while on the internet, I saw where Hancock Fabric had them on sale.. My sweet hubby said,'I tell you what..Our anniversay is April 1, why don't you  go by there ,while  going to your doctor's visit and buy you one/Happy 39th anniversay!! Now...was I soooooooooo excited!! So,  I left early, with the intention of getting Hancocks to order my dress form and to my surprise----- It was in stock.yea. and A remodeling sale on fabric..Three hugh tables.. filled with fabrics [orignally $7- $10 yd] on sale for $1.00 yd.  I was like a kid on Christmas Day.. YES... I came home with around 60 yds of fabric.

    Thanks for letting me share my Anniversay/Christmas day in March.

Couldn't get all the fabrics in the pictures..But this will give you an idea of my finds..

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Hey Debi,

 thankyou..I apprecaite that.. I just know I will be so happy with "Mary Christmas' [My manequin..that Jen named for me,ha]. 

  I wish I could have gotten pictures of ALL the fabric I bought.. the thing wouldnt let me download but 3 pictures,so I couldn't show all of it..  I didnt think ,I would ever get the car unloaded..ha But I am still enjoying looking at all of it.Hope to show you lots of garments ,with this fabric, throughout our challenges.

oh happy day!! don't you just love a cloud to float on!

love the mustard one with gardenias? (or not gardenias.. whatever they are!)

Thankyou Casey... Yep.. them fun days dont come to often..But WONDERFUL, when they do..[ I guess ,I should say thankyou Lord.. for not sending them sales my way too often.. My sewing room would bust out of the]

  I too love the mustard one with [I think they are magnolias] anyway, they had a bolt that was this same thing but it was a coral back ground..beautiful..but didnt have enough yardage  left on it, too make anything.

Hew Sewing week Girls...

 Just had to update you.. This is a funny on my husband.I sit my manequin up in the living room last night to play with it, I put my ugly pattern dress on her...well. we went to bed, and he got up before me this morning.. When ,I got up , he told me,'You have got to get that THING out of here..she liked to have gave me a heart attack ,when I walked in the room, I looked up , and I thought someone was in the house.!!!!"  I laughed till I cried.. I could just see a grown ,57 yr old man, scared of a Judy

LOL - I know my Gertie has sometimes taken my by surprise, but never quite that badly.
Congratulations from me too Judy.  You know, I was so taken by the lovely photos and all that fabric that it completely went out of my mind that the reason why it was all there was because of your anniversary.  Wishing you many more to come x.  (You know, that's happening to me a lot just lately!  Fabric fixation!)

Thankyou Marguerite... 

 I love this sew weekly challenge..but I think I'm getting "MORE' obsessed..ha   I love patterns, fabrics, notions and all of it.. I can't resist and I use the excuse..."but I might need it for the next challenge." ha,ha,ha

  I have told Charolette T.. but I have been meaning to tell you too.. Hope you girls have a wonderful time together.. I will be thinking about you all.. and anxiously awaiting to hear about your great finds...your giggles and all the fun, I know your gonna have..such a shame ,I live on the other side of the world..Would love to join you... Have fun and Happy sewing.

Congratulations... thanks for sharing and happy sewing !
ah, another question.. did you give it a name?? My is called xuxa

Thankyou Rachel..

  Yep.. Jen named her for me... Mary But, I think it has stuck... she will be called Mary and when I get frustrated with a bad project.. the agitation will be "Mary CHRISTMAS!!!!'  ha,ha

just love it ..


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