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  Have you ever had a  certain day... that just turned into  a fabulous day??? Yesterday was my day..  And of course it all  is related to  my wonderfu hobby," sewing".

   As most of you know, I ,just this year, decided to start sewing for 'ME' , after sewing for kids and grandkids for 25 years.. Well, I have NEVER had a  dress form.. But ,since joining the sew weekly, and sewing for me..I REALLY wanted one.  I have been searching ebay and sales. But tooo expensive. Well, while on the internet, I saw where Hancock Fabric had them on sale.. My sweet hubby said,'I tell you what..Our anniversay is April 1, why don't you  go by there ,while  going to your doctor's visit and buy you one/Happy 39th anniversay!! Now...was I soooooooooo excited!! So,  I left early, with the intention of getting Hancocks to order my dress form and to my surprise----- It was in stock.yea. and A remodeling sale on fabric..Three hugh tables.. filled with fabrics [orignally $7- $10 yd] on sale for $1.00 yd.  I was like a kid on Christmas Day.. YES... I came home with around 60 yds of fabric.

    Thanks for letting me share my Anniversay/Christmas day in March.

Couldn't get all the fabrics in the pictures..But this will give you an idea of my finds..

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You've got some great things in there - love the roses one.
Thankyou... I really enjoyed myself.. I too ,like the roses.. I have several different colors in the roses..Just couldnt get pictures of all the fabric I bought yesterday [Isn't that bad.ha]
Oh Judy! These are all sooo beautiful! I absolutely love the floral prints (all of them!!)  What a fantastic find!  and your dress form will come in handy! yipppeee! Merry Christmas in March.

Thankyou Debi.

   I am still floating on a cloud..Enjoying the find..

Oh Judy, the fabric is just too gorgeous, lucky lucky day. Now you will have lots and lots to keep you smiling for ages and ages - isn't that the best sort of present?


What on earth will you make first? Which is your favourite?


What a lovely anniversary present, so nice of your hubby, and you deserve a big treat. Glad your anniversary present made you happy.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas back at you..

  I have no idea what I will make next.. Can't wait ,until the next challenge see what it is..Maybe if its a certain will help me decide... I am exhausted today.. I have looked at my finds all day..I am still in disbelief..

  Whats my favorite??/ I think the deep dark red rose fabric.. I really like reds.. but I also like the blue and yellow tiny flower one.. I dont know????  I think ,I just love a  deal.ha

  Yep.. sweet hubbie..I was thrilled over my dress form..Been wanting one a long time.I really need one, to try to grade these vintage patterns.. [that was my excuse to hubby, worked!!!]

 Hows your ugly pattern coming??

It's ugly Judy, very ugly. I can't see myself even wearing it for a photo this time. My own fault though as you will see, plus it doesn't fit very well. You can't win them all! I wouldn't finish it but for the challenge.


Hope all is well with you, I think the roses are pretty too x

I think you might have to name your manequin 'Mary Christmas' :-) Some beautiful fabrics - I particularly like the white lillies on the yellowish background.
Well Jen.. I think you just named my manequin for me..What a great name,'Mary Christmas''.From now on..I will call her Mary and when frustrated with a garment.. I will use the last name 'mary CHRISTMAS'.ha
Oh boy did you ever have a good day! Lots of goodness! And yea to sweet husband! I believe that would be a perfect gift! Or should I say gifts! And look at the fabric, so much fun!

Hey Cathe..

 yes loads of fun... Now..I need to get to sewing.. 

Congratulations on your soon to be 39th anniversary - and what I lovely gift from your husband.  You absolutely deserve it - I hope it brings you much happiness and many dresses/tops/skirts.


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