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Hi sewing friends,

Here we are at the end of the year! Diane motivated me to look back and see how many challenges I did and what stood out as a favorite. (Diane hit 50 challenges!)

I know I didn't do every challenge and sometimes I was really late so I might get a "D" ...or less! But I surprised myself, I did close to 30 challenges. I admit my interpretation of the challenge might have been seriously off the mark but I had fun.

So my question to you, how many challenges did you do and what was your favorite (challenge or garment)?

For me, my favorite was my cape but I seriously can't remember what the challenge theme was!

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  I think the Horrockses dress was the absolute best dress. I was so amazed with it.You looked beautiful at the UK meet up.. I will never forget that dress, as long as I live..FANTASTIC!!!

   There were too many beautiful garments to even think about  which I liked best..If, I pulled everyones

garments, I would find something I loved and wanted to do..ha.. But, I think the most impressionable thing to me, was the  ladies who started sewing this year or last year, and sewed the most beautiful items.  I could see the incredible jobs  they were doing.

   I have learned so much this year.. Just looking and reading  all your blogs has been a great teacher.thankyou all.

  Charolette.. I think the Red, white and blue challenge week was pretty exciting too.. The meetup was so wonderful [even in was celebrated... because of a sweet girl name Charolette.thankyou]

Thanks Judy as usual you remind me why I love it here so much, it's the lovely people. You are right of course. It has been so much fun being here, and you are  so kind about my dress - I don't think I have ever been described as beautiful before. What I will never forget is your gracious kindness x

I love your skirt this week too Charlotte - a scalloped edge, rouleau pocket and invisible zip all in one garment!  You look to be really happy with sewing now.

Thanks Diane, I do feel as though I have learnt alot since January. I did take more care with this skirt. Btw I liked your western week too, but you had a lovely jacket on at the London meet. xx

Hi Cathe, happy new year. Your cape was beautiful indeed.

Humm I managed to complete 26 challenges and my favourite was the western because it changed my perception of what a western look should look ... and I "make the look" too ,so that's a bonus.

Diane, congratulation on completing 50 challenges. Wowwww

Hello - the last two projects are still in progress!  I can't believe I hung on in there all year but I just got so inspired when I saw the challenge themes.  I've put weight on this year though - even though I intended to lose it - because I've been sitting around so much sewing (and stopped my Friday night swimming session at one point!).  New Year's resolution is to get going with that again.  I've so enjoyed taking part this year and I've learned so much.  Even look at duvets in a different way now!  Will definitely continue next year, though I do want to think a bit more about what I've already made and how I can match in new things.  Can't promise that I'll do 50 more things though! 


Have really enjoyed seeing your work  Cathe.  I love the fabrics you use and everything looks really well made.  Happy New Year!  

Diane, were you able to finish "treasure from Pakistan"? That is such a beautiful piece of fabric and the tunic that you started looked really lovely.

I've still got a lot of hand sewing to do on that one but I will finish it now it's been cut into and partly constructed.  Will definitely post another picture of that and let you know. 

Agree Cathe, That was really pretty.

Congradulations on 50 challenges..fantastic job.

Judy, I loved your western dress - so beautiful, your best I think.

Thankyou Diane. I have worn it alot..Really comfortable.


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