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Hi sewing friends,

Here we are at the end of the year! Diane motivated me to look back and see how many challenges I did and what stood out as a favorite. (Diane hit 50 challenges!)

I know I didn't do every challenge and sometimes I was really late so I might get a "D" ...or less! But I surprised myself, I did close to 30 challenges. I admit my interpretation of the challenge might have been seriously off the mark but I had fun.

So my question to you, how many challenges did you do and what was your favorite (challenge or garment)?

For me, my favorite was my cape but I seriously can't remember what the challenge theme was!

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Thankyou Cathe..

.What are you and Charolette trying to do?????Make an old woman cry at the end of  SW 2011????HAHAHAHHAHA

Judy you are hardly an old woman. A lovely woman yes, but old, no way! I think of you as the glue that connected so many of us together with your generous and kind comments and good laughter! 2011 was certainly a happy time for this little community!

Come on now, who takes their sewing machine on vacation...seriously!

tooooo funny.. I had forgotten my wanting to take my sewing machine on vaccaton.hahhahaha  and remember..I wanted Kenny to bring it to the hospital

to me and he


1. You have made me cry with your lovely comments so I think that's only fair Judy.

2. If you are old then so am I

3. Cathe is right the spirit of sewweekly and keeping it so happy and generous is you

4. The HOSPITAL? Now I know you are mental. What on earth were you going to work on? Were you going to whip up a gown for the doctor? (Also US hospitals must be very different from ours if that was even a possible thing to do)



  You and Cathe are both  tooooooooooooo sweet, thankyou..

 Now the hospital thing---- when I am in the hospital with the ashma thing...which is usually a couple times a year.. well.. they give me iv steroids which make me stay awake, and I cant stand sitting there doing nothing..[lol] So, I thought, I  could sew ,while Im forced to be here..Make it a little more  tolerable.ha.

And as for the US hospitals being, probably not really... but remember I am  a retired Respiratory Therepist. I worked there for 25 I could sneak and do a little more than your regular person.ha [If only I had a husband that would cooperate with me. which he doesn't!!!!!!!! teehee

Had to add another word to this one.. Forgot on the first post reponse.. no.. Not gonna make the doctor a gown!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha.. should ask Kenny  if I am mental???????????? He about fell off the chair ,when I told him to bring my sewing machine to the hospital.. He said," you are kidding right?" Nope ,I'm serious. " are nuts then..I AM NOT going to lug a sewing machine into the hospital..Dont even ask me,NO!!!!  You are sick. lay in the bed and rest!!!"  But Kenny, I cant lay here, Please...[then comes that sweet little voice of kindness]  didnt work!!! He said, flat out. NO.... I refuse!!!!!!!!!!!

THis should give you all a goooooood laugh on New Years Day..

 Happy New Years to  all the sweet sew weekly girls.. Pray each of you and your families have a wonderful and blessed 2012....

I'm trying to think where would you set up your machine in the hospital...the rolly tray that they put your meals on?? I have no idea how you work your foot pedal in this position. Too funny, lady you crack me up!

Knitting would be perfect for that Judy, or crochet, or cross stitch? Portable and you can do a little easy work at a time, although I agree with Kenny, you should rest. Good for him, saying no (even when you used your sweet little voice of kindness, which must be nigh on irresistible).


Actually, sounds like you are using it on me, getting me to make crafting suggestions.....




she's a clever one, that Judy!

You think  ,you have me figured out ,dont you girls.hahahahaha

hahahahaha.. I think you girls are trying to figure me out.[Kenny has been trying for 39 yrs and hasnt done it.] teehee



I totally lurked and did not participate this year. In my defense, I was out of the country all of 2010 and the first 2 months of 2011, and came back to no job. So it's been a pretty stressful year of living on one paycheck (thank god my beau has a "job" if you can count being a fully funded grad student as a job, and is wonderful beyond words!) but Philly's not that expensive of a city so... This year, however, I've forced myself to have to sew more per my New Year's Resolutions (no buying new clothes--they neither fit nor are made very well--only make own clothing) so I anticipate amped up participation!


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