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Hi sewing friends,

Here we are at the end of the year! Diane motivated me to look back and see how many challenges I did and what stood out as a favorite. (Diane hit 50 challenges!)

I know I didn't do every challenge and sometimes I was really late so I might get a "D" ...or less! But I surprised myself, I did close to 30 challenges. I admit my interpretation of the challenge might have been seriously off the mark but I had fun.

So my question to you, how many challenges did you do and what was your favorite (challenge or garment)?

For me, my favorite was my cape but I seriously can't remember what the challenge theme was!

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I have only been with The Sew Weekly for about a month. I managed to do 2 of the challenges in that time. I am happy with that considering I have a 6 month old son and only get to craft for about a half an hour at a time. I really enjoyed my first drafting project I made for the patternless challenge. I think it is a skill that I will use frequently in the future. I really love this site and I am so happy I found it. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

Two challenges is great especially with a baby and only a month into SW! Glad you are here!

well put Cathe - that's one a fortnight Britanny, great job (AND pattern drafting too, excellent)

Agree - not bad for only being with the site for a month and having a month old! Just think of what's in store for next year ;)


  I am impressed.Great job with a baby and limited sewing time.. Happy New year to you and your family too.

Hey Cathe, good question. I did about 22 challenges. I had big big ideas for many more but life got in the way.... your cape was lovely. Good choice.


For me the item I have worn the most since was my first Crepe dress, that I am in in my profile pic. I can't remember the challenge either - it was an early one. I have worn that dress to a few meals out and to a dear friend's wedding. It goes with my vintage accessories ;0)


The one that was the most trouble was my Horrockses' red, white and blue theme dress in May for our London meet. It was a real challenge but to be honest I  haven't worn it since so I can't pick it as my favourite, although it does mean alot to me.


My favourite of someone else's (although there were many, many highlights and I did enjoy seeing some of our sewweekly circle girls make it to the "big" site) was Debi's 1933 dress, from a Katherine Hepburn pattern. Again an early one. I LOVED that so much and wished I could do something even half as nice. I gasped out loud when I saw that the first time.


For challenges obviously I am going to pick the London red, white and blue theme week because us Brits chose it. I did enjoy more thoughtful ones like films, music and local area because I spent a long time thinking about them, even if i never finished them in the end and sometimes suffered with the Project Runway problem of being too literal!


What a year! Great question x

Hi Charlotte,

Your crepe is lovely but I gasped at your Horrockse's, amazing! I laughed at your little red Corvette/Prince dress, and absolutely love your skirt this week!

I agree Debi made a knock out with Katherine Hepburn. I loved Adey's American appeal, Veronica free for all, Sarah's musical. I also love how we all made Sorbetto in so many variations!

I enjoyed "once upon a time" the children's book challenge. I too spent lots of time thinking and many times not following through, but it was fun to dream!

I agree, it was a great year!

It certainly was a Sorbetto summer, I'd almost forgotten, I made 2! That book challenge was a good one, lots to think of, I liked Mena's outfit that week very much.


I also really enjoyed all our doggy photos - those dogs got in everywhere! x

so agree

I loved your horrockses .. You made so well that shamed the ones in the museum. Xx

Thanks Rachel, I must admit I liked your one shoulder number that day!

me too..Rachel has talent.. She amazes me with the beautiful sewing and craft work she does..


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