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Hello all!

I have been having trouble for a long time finding American Companies (Like JoAnnes)that would to ship to the UK. 

I have also found that lots of Americans have mentioned on their blogs that Europe give them similar difficulties.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a buddying system whereby an Lovely Lady in the U.S. would be able to forward Items I had bought to the U.K. and I would offer the same for European shipping.

Please let me know and reply or inbox if you are interested! 


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I'd be up for something like that. I am here in San Francisco:) Shannon
I would be too, if you or any other lovely UK sewer would be interested.

Fantastic. Could both of you PM me with your locations so I can work out some of the boring postage stuff? 



Will do. I think we have to be friends on the site first, so I have sent a request.
Stevie I would be happy to help from this end too. I'm in Minnesota and I have both JoAnn's and Hanacock's.
I'm happy to help too


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