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  Well , I must confess.. I am totally addicted sew weekly..  From the very beginning of finding Mena's sew weekly.I was totally hooked.

     I have sewed for 25-30 yrs..mostly for my daughter and now my 4 grandaughters. I found Mena's sight at the end of last year..She had made  a dress a week for 52 wks..I was so impressed. They were so cute, and she was so cute modeling them.And then she wrote on her sight ,that she wanted to encourage other women to sew for themselves. I must say ,I have sewed more for "me" in this past 2-3 months, than I have in all those sewing years.. I have had so much fun. I love the challenges. Can't wait for  the next see what the new challenge will be?

      I also, have dieted and lost 17 pounds up todate.YEA.YEA.YEA ,. I  really needed to do this due to some health problems.. but after being forced to take pictures for sew weekly.. and seeing them [ooooooooooh] Ha ..I decided ,it was time to put forth a real effort. So again, I say thankyou to Mena for this encouragement ,also.

         And during this t time, I have seen so many wonderful garments,Have had so many giggles, Have met some wonderful girls, Have gotten some great ideas ,  Have shared some "bad" garments as well as some ..that I was proud of. It has been so fun to be able  to share sewing and sewing talk with other girls that love it as much as I do.

          I have met some very nice ladies, from all over the country..And I have to yet, to meet one that wasn't so nice and helpful..Everyone is just wonderful.

     I had never thought of vintage dresses.I always loved that era of dresses.Just never thought of it, and after seeing Mena and the other ladies. I have fell in love with them.. [another confession..stay on ebay and for vintage patterns.ha]

        Thankyou Mena for allowing us to enjoy this with you.

   Now.. your turn:

How did you find sew weekly?

Are you hooked, yet??

What kind of excitement and encouragement ,has it brought into your lives?

                 Happy Sewing...  Judy

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omigosh Amanda.. bless your cotton socks! you just made me cry. You're such a sweetheart. I'm so happy to have been able to help you. Who knew I could teach by correspondence!? Must have a good student. x


 You sound so much like me..I too.. sewed for everyone ,but me.. and I have discovered a new world. It is so fun. I too. am having with pattern fitting..I use to never have these troubles.. but old age and tooo many cookies.ha

  Casey is so sweet.. that was so nice of her to help you.I too, can NOT understand the grading difficult. Casey... I think you need to do us ALL a tutortial on grading.hint/hint. ha

  Happy sewing.. and lets enjoy sewing for us..

I've taken ages to respond to this one.. because I'm not quite sure how to describe my sew weekly addiction!..or the effect it's had on me. I feel like a new woman! I'm enjoying being a part of this so much, and for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm doing something that is just for me. To be honest I've felt a bit lost lately.. and didn't really know what to do with myself! Not because I've got alot of time on my hands. lol.. but because I'd forgotten all the things that used to bring me joy! (welling up a bit now.. I'm such a wus!) I've surprised myself with my 'skills recall' (It's been so long! ) and amazed that I've actually been able to offer useful advice to others, not to mention reach out and connect with people all over the world.  It's given me a total confidence boost like I never thought possible. Thank you Mena and all you lovely ladies of the Sew Weekly!

 I'm  a wus! too.. because reading this has made me want to cry to. I feel the same way, as if I have something "just for me"..even my husband [who notices nothing,ha] told me the other day,"Judy , you really like that "stuff" [talking about sew weekly], dont you? I can tell you are having fun..I havent seen you this happy in a long time"

     I too say thankyou  .

This is so sweet, and I agree whole heartedly! It's so nice to be able to share and discuss with such a kind and thoughtful group! And yes, I'm happy to, externally and internally!
Hi Judy,

Much like you I visited Mena's site last year and watched as she made the most amazing dresses. I was in my own renaissance sewing when I could find the time. What I love is seeing what everyone has made and their honest assessment. we share all the emotions we feel when looking at new fabric and patterns, dreaming about what we would make, getting underway, the frustrations and joy and sharing it all. It's a wonderful community full of lovely people.

Yes I am very hooked, it gives my a break from my daily grind, let's me dream and play with like minded individuals.

Great post Judy!

Thankyou Cathe,.. Missed you while you were away from the computer.. Glad your back..  I think we are all hooked and all happy to be with like minded sewing buddies..
I completely agree, hopelessly addicted in a really good way.

When I was on the road I could read everyone's comments via email but I couldn't accesses the site. So very painful!

Hi Judy!

I was hunting for sites that specialized in using old patterns and making clothes also re-purposing old clothes and linens. I stumbled upon this site about a week ago and yep I am hooked. My newest goal making new dresses and tops for my vacation in June. I happened upon Joann's sale on McCalls and Butterick patterns for $1.99 this week and bought the love of my life the dress I have wanted to make since I was 15 B4790 The infamous walk away dress. I have my fabric and pattern cut and I hope to have this accomplished in the next day or so. I also wanted the challenge of making new outfits. I love the talent and friendly atmosphere here too!



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