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  Well , I must confess.. I am totally addicted sew weekly..  From the very beginning of finding Mena's sew weekly.I was totally hooked.

     I have sewed for 25-30 yrs..mostly for my daughter and now my 4 grandaughters. I found Mena's sight at the end of last year..She had made  a dress a week for 52 wks..I was so impressed. They were so cute, and she was so cute modeling them.And then she wrote on her sight ,that she wanted to encourage other women to sew for themselves. I must say ,I have sewed more for "me" in this past 2-3 months, than I have in all those sewing years.. I have had so much fun. I love the challenges. Can't wait for  the next see what the new challenge will be?

      I also, have dieted and lost 17 pounds up todate.YEA.YEA.YEA ,. I  really needed to do this due to some health problems.. but after being forced to take pictures for sew weekly.. and seeing them [ooooooooooh] Ha ..I decided ,it was time to put forth a real effort. So again, I say thankyou to Mena for this encouragement ,also.

         And during this t time, I have seen so many wonderful garments,Have had so many giggles, Have met some wonderful girls, Have gotten some great ideas ,  Have shared some "bad" garments as well as some ..that I was proud of. It has been so fun to be able  to share sewing and sewing talk with other girls that love it as much as I do.

          I have met some very nice ladies, from all over the country..And I have to yet, to meet one that wasn't so nice and helpful..Everyone is just wonderful.

     I had never thought of vintage dresses.I always loved that era of dresses.Just never thought of it, and after seeing Mena and the other ladies. I have fell in love with them.. [another confession..stay on ebay and for vintage patterns.ha]

        Thankyou Mena for allowing us to enjoy this with you.

   Now.. your turn:

How did you find sew weekly?

Are you hooked, yet??

What kind of excitement and encouragement ,has it brought into your lives?

                 Happy Sewing...  Judy

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Hi Judy,


I have to admit that I, too, am a TSW addict. I discovered it about three weeks ago now and was instantly hooked! I love to take patterns that I have and use different pieces to 'design' my own look. I have been doing that for years, mostly for my daughters, but now I get to 'design' things for myself.


I love seeing the creations of others on the site. I, too, am more encouraged about losing some weight because of the weekly pictures. I love my curves, but somehow, the pictures make me feel a bit larger than I think I am. I just started on the exercise regime and hope to gey off a few pounds by summer.


I love dresses from the 1950 and 60's and love taking a ready to wear garment and re-fashioning it.


Happy sewing, everyone!

Mary, so proud you found sew weekly.. Isnt it wonderful?  I all the challenges and seeing what others do , with the same challenge.. I really love the idea that  the 4 girls take a day and show what they did with the same challenge.. It's amazing to see  how different each one turns up..

   Good luck on your exercise regime.. I too ,have added walking to my diet plan.It is helping..but...........ooooooooooooooooh...the weight is SO slow coming off,ha

  Look forward to seeing  your next creation.

Thank you, Judy.

Good luck with your diet and walking plan. It's tough, but it's also great to have such support here. The household chores are done for the day, so it's off to creativity land!!  Ha ha!

judy I started following Mena last spring! I was researching 1940s dresses for my 1940s wedding pic nic. Although at the time I was not involved in dressmaking I have been sewing all my life. I was totally inspired by all those vintage dresses and thought about how women did make all their clothes, surley I could do that.

Jan 2011 I started my own challenge, firstly to make clothes for going out ( I too have changed shape) I wanted something that I would feel happy to leave the house in. Once I started I couldn't stop. Mychallenge then changed to making all my clothed for outside of work, recently I have changed it again because you don't need that many garments at the week end, so now I want to build up so I only wear my clothes!!

Sew weekly has been the most important because it has given me the dicipline to finish a garment within a time limit,and the encouragement if fantastic. I really feel I am a part of a community of peoplwe who love sewing as much as I do.

Now I feel I am wearing clothes that really suit my personality, and I feel fantastic in them!

One last point is my change of interest in the online chat, before I thought it was weird now...... I have also started a blog which I am also addicted too and my next plan is to start a sewing project which everyone can join in.


Charolette P.. I am so proud you joined the challenge..I enjoy your  inputs.. Isn't it amazing what Mena has done for all of us?  I too, have never sewed for me.. And didnt think ,I would be able to do a garment a week..[I told myself..well.. I will just occasionally do one of them, ha] and now, like you...I can hardly wait for the email telling what the next one will be.

   I feel the same much more discipline..less wasted time..and so much fun.. and you know, it feels so good to sew for Me... instead of everyone else. I love my kids and grandkids...and still will do some for them..but now..I am having fun for me..yea.

  Can't wait to see your next plan of the sewing project for everyone to join in.


It is so lovely to read about other Sew Weekly addicts - and to know that I am not alone!  I discovered Mena's blog towards the end of last year, and spent the best part of a week reading about all the great dresses she made throughout the year.  I was hooked.


In January (before Mena set her challenge), I set a goal for myself .... to sew at least one thing every month.  I started by finshing the few things I had in my UFO basket (with the exception of the  black & white spotty top).  Then along came Mena's challenge - and I thought "I'll give it a go".  I have loved every week.  I eagerly await that email telling us what next week's challenge will be, and then while the girls are at dancing on Saturday morning I race over to the fabric store to get supplies (I don't have a great stash - so am spending lots at the moment!).


I am very inspired by everyone here at TSW - such a diverse group of women, all so talented.  I love how many of you are great thrifters, and passionate about vintage styles.  I am constantly amazed at how clever many "new to sewing" sewers are - you all give me such motivation to push myself as a sewer.  My sewing skills are getting better, and I love having the deadline (although this week it may roll around just a little too quickly).


Checking in daily has become my morning ritual (at 5.30 am with a cuppa).  I love to see what everyone has been up to, chatting about and seeing what they make each week. 


So thank you Mena - and thank you to everyone  at The Sew Weekly - I'm having a great time!!

Debbi, I am in total agreement with you.. Have the same ideas.. Great place to be.. so much fun.Happy Sewing.

Thanks Judy! I'm excited to be part of a community where so many are happy to be here and interested in helping and encouraging each other.


I joined only recently, though I'd seen some links to the site from other blogs before. I joined mainly to increase my support and knowledge base through other sewers. I am on Burdastyle and Colette Patterns too, but I want to meet and learn from as many enthusiastic sewers as possible. And this forum is so supportive and active! :D


I'm hooked to TSW in as much as I am hooked to sewing blogs and the challenges they offer me. I haven't gotten into the weekly challenges yet, but hope to join in soon. Right now, I'm really focusing on the UFO challenge (I have some I finished Monday night that I have to post still), as I want to finish the projects I've already started before going out there and buying for new ones. The time frame is also a little bit of a challenge for me, but I'm working on it. Instead, I've set up a goal for myself to finish my projects in a timely fashion, which I think is some of the intent behind Mena's challenges anyway. (Thanks for the push, Mena!)


I also would like to note that I love seeing the cost of folks' projects, as it motivates me to think of my works in terms of investment and thrift. Using what we have, using vintage or thrifted materials, reinterpreting things we already own... I love it!

I am so proud you joined sew weekly.It is so much fun. Look forward to seeing your ufo's..doesnt it

feel good to ..get finished with them... When ,I first read the challenge of UFO's.. I thought.."oh yuk"..ha

But then ,when I got in there and finished that was such a victory.. yea... I am thankful that we all got to  rid our  stash....of that 'ufo'..

  Happy Sewing.

Hi Judy, I have followed the website when looked very different and I was just starting to use the sewing machine for the 1st time. I also hooked. Every week I wad peeking on what Mena was doing... now I feel so excited about the opportunite to also sew on garment a week and share.

Congratulations on the weight loss ! Really happy for you !



Thankyou Raheal.. I appreciate that..Look forward to seeing your sewing ..Happy Sewing.

I found Sew Weekly at the start of this year via Veronica Darling's blog - and I am hooked! I tend to have breakfast while perusing the Sewing Circle now! I also have what can be a physically, emotionally and mentally draining job. Taking short breaks during the day to look at the pretty things on the Sew Weekly (features, archives, I'll take whatever!) and the Sewing Circle help give a little bit of respite, a brain break and a smile seeing what other people are creating and thinking about.


When I came across Sew Weekly I had mainly been sewing things for friends, my nephew and other people's children. The Sew Weekly reminded me that I really did want to sew more clothes for myself and inspired me to actually start doing it. That's when I came across a hitch - when I first started sewing, my body proportions fit within standard pattern sizes. Since then (even though it was only a year ago!), my body has changed (which for me was actually a very good thing) but it meant that I could no longer cut out a standard pattern and expect it to fit me. I was getting super frustrated and discouraged because as a self-taught sewer, I couldn't figure out how to make my dresses fit me. Enter the super amazing, super talented, super tolerant Casey Sew who, via the Sewing Circle, essentially taught me pattern grading by correspondence. With Casey's assistance, I was able to make my first dress that fit me properly (the St Patrick's day green dress). I wore it to work today and got so many compliments it made me feel good in what has been a terrible work week. I have learnt and invaluable skill that I will continue to use for the rest of my sewing life that I couldn't have learnt anywhere else (we have no courses where I live and I couldn't make any sense of the library book instructions!). 


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