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  Well , I must confess.. I am totally addicted sew weekly..  From the very beginning of finding Mena's sew weekly.I was totally hooked.

     I have sewed for 25-30 yrs..mostly for my daughter and now my 4 grandaughters. I found Mena's sight at the end of last year..She had made  a dress a week for 52 wks..I was so impressed. They were so cute, and she was so cute modeling them.And then she wrote on her sight ,that she wanted to encourage other women to sew for themselves. I must say ,I have sewed more for "me" in this past 2-3 months, than I have in all those sewing years.. I have had so much fun. I love the challenges. Can't wait for  the next see what the new challenge will be?

      I also, have dieted and lost 17 pounds up todate.YEA.YEA.YEA ,. I  really needed to do this due to some health problems.. but after being forced to take pictures for sew weekly.. and seeing them [ooooooooooh] Ha ..I decided ,it was time to put forth a real effort. So again, I say thankyou to Mena for this encouragement ,also.

         And during this t time, I have seen so many wonderful garments,Have had so many giggles, Have met some wonderful girls, Have gotten some great ideas ,  Have shared some "bad" garments as well as some ..that I was proud of. It has been so fun to be able  to share sewing and sewing talk with other girls that love it as much as I do.

          I have met some very nice ladies, from all over the country..And I have to yet, to meet one that wasn't so nice and helpful..Everyone is just wonderful.

     I had never thought of vintage dresses.I always loved that era of dresses.Just never thought of it, and after seeing Mena and the other ladies. I have fell in love with them.. [another confession..stay on ebay and for vintage patterns.ha]

        Thankyou Mena for allowing us to enjoy this with you.

   Now.. your turn:

How did you find sew weekly?

Are you hooked, yet??

What kind of excitement and encouragement ,has it brought into your lives?

                 Happy Sewing...  Judy

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Hi Judy! What wonderful post! I'm so glad to have inspired you. Just yesterday, I was telling someone about your experiences and how great I felt that I was a motivation to get you sewing for yourself! And big congratulations on the weight loss. There's nothing like taking pictures weekly to be a real motivation!


I'm so glad you and all the other ladies are here. I just want this to be the best place for us to gather and talk about all things sewing. And, as I said last year, if I can just get 20 women to sew (who have never sewn before), I'd be ecstatic!

Thankyou Mena... 

Hey Judy - I know where you're coming from. I found Sewweekly through Stumbleupon about 7 or 8 months ago and would check every day to see if a new dress was up (yup - hooked!) Never having been much of a dress wearer myself, it was fascinating to see the effort behind every dress.

My sewing has always been a long, slow drawn-out affair and the idea of setting a deadline never really occured. If something wasn't finished for the event I had in mind, I would just go out and buy something - hence my large pile of UFOs. I have always been a little shy of my efforts and weight too (you'll see that still exists in my display of items made on Gertie, rather than myself).

The community has been invaluable in that when others started to sew alongside, I thought 'why not me too?'  I don't faff around poring over patterns and my burda mags as I need to get something started and finished.

 I watch a heck of a lot less telly now - no tv in my sewing area - and I actually have a designated sewing area. My hand sewing skills have improved and my patience to hand sew (thanks to quilt bindings) means that if I do go and flop in front of the telly, I have something to do and don't feel like I'm wasting my time.

Of course, I have spent an obscene amount of money on patterns and material and need to do more sewing and less spending, but that will come. And I have to stop hitting all of the op shops!

Cheers, Jen.

 Hi Jen,

   Yes..  I agree ,it has really helped reduce the tv watching.. I my hand sewing work..while in front of the tv..  And I too.. [ooooh need to quit spending and stay away from the patterns and]

   So proud we have met ..and get to share our  fun..

 Oh, did you see in another post, where I told you ,I had to return Mary Christmas [my dress form]. The hem thing was messed up.. so they told me to bring her in for a replacement.. I sure do need her this week for my apron challenge. but guess instead of 'Mary'.. Ya'll will get  'Me'.


I did see that you had to return 'Mary' - maybe you can call the next one 'Hattie New Year'  - oh dear awful puns.

It's always a pleasure to see you in your outfits - I just need to be a little braver too.

hahaha... Hattie- Boy did you give me a good laugh!!!!... well.. I think I will stick with Mary Christmas..  [ pretty rough.ha]
Hey Judy - you'll never guess what I just bought. Bargain of the century. $50 in a little junk shop. I was thinking of calling her 'Hattie' but she looks more like an 'Immelda'.

Yea,yea,yea Jen... I love it..Another Christmas in April...  YEP...She kinda looks like Immelda..

  $50... great price.. Look forward to  a bunch of  garments for Immelda..

Hello Judy, hope Mary gets well soon.


OK, confession, I actually got out of bed at six (30 mins early) so I could check TSW before I go to work. It was worth it, Veronica's apron is just fab! I'll be back later to answer your questions I hope, better get my suit on, big day at work today.


Only one thing to add: thanks Mena, you have brought me alot of pleasure and lots of friends


PS I am thrilled because my UFO is one of the community highlight photos on TSW main page, that made my evening last night

This is such a wonderful thread to read!


So lovely to see your UFO on the main page too Charlotte! Thanks for checking in early to see my apron!

Thankyou Veronica.. We all LOVE sew weekly.
Congradulations happy for you, that your ufo made the  highlight photos.yea..


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