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Be sure to check The Sew Weekly each day in April for your chance to win an adorable pincushion handmade by Etsy vendores.

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Yay! I LOVE this giveaway, Mena! :) I tweeted about it to spread the pincushion love. :)
me too... so fun.. Today is my  39 th anniversary  and I was just telling my husband, I would like to have a cute pin cushion,instead of my plain ole apple that I have had for years and years.ha His reply...well go buy you one.. So, I  will have to try to win one ,but if I don't,  then I will know to go to Etsy and find me one.ha
Congratulations on 39 years!
Thankyou , Sarah.
Oh yes, Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 39 years, that is very impressive. I like that your husband is so agreeable...from dress forms to pin cushions! You have trained him really well!

 Hi Cathe...


 that is  'really' Funny.. After supper..he went and sit in his recliner [typical 'UNTRAINED' man.hahaha]... but I must confess ,he took me out to eat last night for our anniversay.. but still ...he needs some training..I think after 39 yrs... It WON'T  ever happen.ha.

I really loved checking in each day in April for the pin-cushions.  It was great fun and even more so since I was one of the blessed who won.  I received my pin-cushion today and it is so cute.  Thanks, I love it and will be going to website of the young lady who made it to sing some praise there as well.
My 'Sweet Skunk' has arrived and thank you very much!  I'm posting a photo of him in celebration!


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