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I`m so glad to of stumbled across ``sew weekly``, from following a couple of members from ``sew retro``

Joining my first sewing circle ,I could not wait for the weekend .I ran out bought the fabric and pattern.To be honest ...I know I had purchased that pattern before but I have a stack of vintage patterns I have yet to file properly and it was easier for me to run out and buy it again then to search for it .I am usually not the type of person that favors light blue but due to the pattern looks best in contrasting colours and the fabric I fell in love with was a cheetah print blue ,it was best matched with baby blue and I could easily live with it that way :)


the pattern is butterick 4790 and I am following along with Edelweiss.I`m also just started working on my blog

Rockabilly Fraulein




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