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Hey, I’m back!!!!  Did you know I moved?  Well I did.  To Berkeley,CA to be exact.  So I was sort of preoccupied for a bit.  Packing and moving from IL to CA took more time than I planned.  (Did you know that cross-country moves are actually a big deal! Who knew) Then our stuff came late (another incredible story) But now we are here and mostly unpacked.  I say mostly (we still have a few boxes of pictures and knicky knacky stuff to figure out) and a few organizing projects in the works (we had to downsize from a 3 bedroom house to a one bedroom apt).  But anyway . . .  here we are in CA, sewing machine still intact,  and it’s time to start cracking.


The deets:

Fabric: Cotton polka dot $9

Pattern: Sencha from Colette
gift (free!)

Notions: Covered buttons $2

Time to complete: 4 hours
total (with mockup)

First worn: September 2011
 to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2011

Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: ~$11



Like most things Colette this was a breeze to sew especially after doing a mock up.  I continue to do mock-ups because, more often than not, my measurements are in more than two columns.  No biggie just takes a bit longer.  And practice makes perfect right?  But I was out of muslin or gingham or extra cottony anything.  HORRORS!!!!! Or was I?  Somehow a set of twin black sheets got packed in with the fabric.  Perfect.  

And it's black!  Totally Wearable!  Whoot! That's Sencha #1.  Here is Sencha #2

Colette has a knack for doing simple yet sophisticated designs that I absolutely LOVE.  It’s vintage yet modern.  I love how it turned out.  I might add a hook and eye at the top in the back because there is a bit more space before the first button than I like. (Although to be fair it lays perfectly flat when wearing it.  Just an aesthetic thing I guess)  If I make it again (which I totally will) I might change the button placement just a smidge and maybe go done a size for a more fitted Joan-like look

I see a red or green Ginger Skirt in my fall palette future!!!!!


Oh Speaking of Palette . . . Here is what I’m thinking.  Add a polka dot and I think I’m set.  But subject to change . . . : )



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