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The Plight of the Poor Decision Maker

I am terrible at making decisions. This extends into my sewing life as well - I can never decide what pattern to use with what fabric. To this end, you can usually see me traipsing into work with two green bags full of fabric and patterns. While hiding from my manager, an exceptionally tolerant work colleague helps me pick what pattern I'm going to use with what fabric. However, I'm currently on a few days leave from work and I want to make a dress. Enter stage left, poor decision maker. I have two lots of fabric I've been saving, one of which I'd like to use this week. My problem is, I don't know if I have the right pattern yet to suit either of them (don't worry, I'm more than happy to keep pattern collecting until I find the right one!). 


These are my options. The first is pink with flowers, though I'm not sure what kind of fabric it is. I'd say it's some kind of cotton polyester blend. It's very soft and lightweight, shiny like cotton sateen but with minimal stretch. The only pattern I have that might be suitable and wouldn't require me to delve back into grading is Simplicity 2884. I would make view 1 (it has straight edges, not scalloped) without the pockets. However, I'm concerned that the pattern on the fabric is quite large and could be a bit much. What do you think? Should I put the fabric back into the stash to wait a more suitable pattern? Or is it workable?


My other fabric option is cotton with large blue flowers. I was originally going to use view 5 of Simplicity 4491 but encountered significant grading issues. I had to try and lose 3" off the bust while maintaining the hip and waist measurement. I have a very large pile of discarded muslins which are testament to the fact that I find it much harder to re-grade the bust and leave the waist/hips untouched than leave the bust and expand the waist/hips. My only other viable option (and by viable, I mean "Wouldn't require grading and the destruction of my sanity") is Simplicity 4651 (but without pockets). I have a similar concern with this one - is the print just too large for this design? Would I be putting myself at risk of drowning in large blue flowers? 

Are either of these options workable? Or should I go have another dig through my stash and find some other fabric to work with this week? Any help and opinions are greatly appreciated! Don't worry, I am aware of how sad it is that I can't make these kind of decisions independently!

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