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The Facts

Fabric:  black cotton/faux linen 4 yards for $4 (yes!)

Amy butler Lotus ( a scrap from stash) and Amy Butler Love (leftover from UFO challenge) -free ish

Patterns: Burda , ~$5.95

      Vintage Cocktail Pattern from Tipnut - free!
Year: c. 2010 and 1945

Notions: hook and eye (stash) & invisible zipper ($1)

Time to complete: What seemed like FOREVER!!!! 

First worn: April 9th and will again on April 16th 2011

Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: ~$10.95 ish


I will be the first to admit that I do too much.  On the flip side, I am much more motivated if there is more going on than there is time to do it.  I think it's the adrenaline rush.  Maybe time pressure.  But somehow, someway it all gets done . . . Mostly done . . . So when Mena brought forth the  Kiss the Cook challenge, my first reaction was no f-ing way.  Not this week.  This week is packed.  I have tons to learn this week.  But the cute and adorable factor prevailed and once again I found myself carving out time dashing to the fabric store, finding what I needed on sale, and have my meetings, rehearsals, and research.  I have never been one who can sit still and learn lines or music or muse about whatever anyway.  Sewing has become my secondary activity.  Like breathing. The thing about the sew weekly, I am discovering, is that these challenges are my therapy.  I find them extremely centering and calming and extremely addictive.  I may not post the blog until a day or two after the challenge is over but the actually challenge is done by Sunday.  But I digress.  Now back to the actual challenge.

I was a little nervous going into the dress part and decided to do that part first.  The eventual colorful apron has to pop on something right?  While reading others post about ill fitting bodice and quirky directions and no seam allowance I knew I was in for it.  I decided to cut out once again a smaller top and then appropriate size for skirt. Easy peasy.  Well, easy if the pattern  and cutting directions download fully.  But wait . . . this discovery was made AFTER I cut out what I thought were the dimensions of the skirt.  Oh well . . . One more download and whatever was missing magically appeared (computers are weird sometimes) checked to see if I was missing anything one more time and finished cutting everything out.  I even traced the pattern, added seam allowance (new skill!) and got to work.  

Well, I have to say I prefer diagrams to words.  But once I got the gist of what it was the pattern was trying to accomplishI kinda just did my own thing.  Taking liberties I know but if end result is the same and and if garment is still wearable i figured, why not.  The thing I did have to consult my sewing books on was the invisible zipper.  Somehow I have avoided ever having to ever do this.  And with lining . . . huh.  Stumped.  I consulted further with a black shift that was in my closet that has a similar application.  Huh again.  Can this be done?  Sure!  But the trish way.  So the initial insertion was done by the book while singing the lyrics to "Murder" from Reefer Madness. (that will slay you invisible zipper!)  The lining I ended up hand stitching to the zipper while running lyrics and making character decisions to "If you Hadn't But You Did".  Invisible Zipper, done and done.  Handstitching = couture right???

But does it fit??  Yes!!!  Everything but the dreaded bodice. argh!!!  Should have done a muslin but there was no time.  So the boy was called in for the fitting adjustments.  After a little coaxing of the boy, "Just take a hunk of it, yo, and safety pin it." matching adjustments were made and now the bodice fits!  yay!  Hem and a hem. Added a Hook and eye above the zipper and the dress is done and done. Whew! 



But what about the apron you ask?  This actually went together REALLY quick.  Finally a sweet finish.  I fell in love with all the vintage aprons and found it extremely difficult to choose.  Since I'm not the cook of the relationship I chose the Vintage Cocktail option.  1. Because I never really cook with a apron unless I'm baking and then I need a full body suit (I'm a messy baker)  2. Time, time, time, and  3. At this point I was in desperate need of it's namesake.  I am shocked and amazed and how sweet and cute it turned out.  I am not a huge fan of ruffles but I looooove the ruffle and was determined to have one for the apron.  Who knew! The contrasting  fabric used for the pocket has a matching fabric pattern detail (total happy accident!) 












All in all while simmering in a pretty hectic week, this was just the thing.  I'm pretty pleased how everything finally turned out and think I will make this dress again.  Next time Color!!!!!  Maybe Red or yellow??? Plaid, Eyelet, swiss dot, seersucker!!!!  Ohhh!!!!  Now I REALLY NEED a cocktail.   



P.S.  My apologies for the lackluster photos.  Boy was not available but more to come!


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