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I picked refashion since, well, that's kinda what I do. Relove.  Get it?

the before
How distracting is this backdrop seriously?  I rearranged my sewing room and it's like a sewing block has been lifted.  All kinds of inspiration is brewing.
I refashioned this lovely 100 % cotton tee using the same not a Renfrew tee shirt block I usedhere and here.  But I couldn't just make a simple brown shirt and call it quits.  Oh no not me.  I decided my wardrobe is in all seriousness in danger of chronic boredom.  So I decided to try bleach painting.  I plucked some plant parts out of the backyard, found an orphan spray bottle, and boom.

I have ferns in my backyard obviously
Well.  I think the shirt fits pretty well.  And, umm... it's different.  Except it's not really because I see this kinda crap at the mall all the time.

And dammit the one place I didn't want any bleach was the neckline
All in all not awful for a first attempt but I went a bit heavy on the bleach in that one spot and I think if the design continued up the shoulder it might look a bit more congruous.  Those randumb bleach spots were an accident doh.

But here it is inside out.  Much better no?  I'm not sure this shirt ought to be worn inside out with it's big ugly seam allowances but maybe if I tack them down with a zigzag stitch or a twin needle.

There's a good reason I do not look amused.
It's more what I was aiming for.  Vibrant, interesting, but not huge and sloppy.  The leaf outlines are kind of lost but I think it looks like some sort of heavenly body.
The facts:
pattern: same old tee block
fabric: tee shirt 99 cents from Goodwill
notions: thread, bleach, some fern fronds.  all from stash or the backyard
time to complete: 2 hours plus laundry time
first worn: around the house all day
wear again: yes!  but inside out or right side out?
C'est la vie?  What would you do?  Rock it proudly or wear it inside out?

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