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As all but four of my childhood photos are interstate with my parents, I couldn't find enough inspiration for this weeks' challenge. Instead, in the spirit of handmade childhood outfits, I decided to make something for my nearly two year old nephew. I've had some dinosaur flannelette material in my stash for quite some time and so this week I finally made them into pyjama pants. My nephew calls them his "dinoss longs" - "dinoss" for dinosaur and "longs" are what he calls pants (his shorts are short so his pants must be longs!). I've never worked with plaids or anything that has required matching before. It didn't even occur to me when I was cutting the pattern pieces out and I didn't realise what had happened until I was finished, held the pants up and saw three disembodied dinosaurs across the front seam. I'm a sewing perfectionist and it took everything I had not to chuck them out and start again! Hence, these are my nephew's "Disembodied Dinoss Longs:"


Here's a quick snapshot of a few other things I've made for my nephew. I hope that one day he'll be able to look back on his photo albums and remember his handmade outfits with fondness!

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