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The Facts:
: 2 metres White and blue heavy knit, some cotton content, from a market stall in Italy.

Pattern:  #45 from Modellina Facile Speciale 2-2012

: contemporary, 1960s inspired

: Red and blue bias trim, purchased in the UK.

Time to complete
: three evenings and a Saturday morning

First worn
: May 15, 2012 to see Mike Kiwanuka in Manchester.

Wear again
? Already wore it to work!

Total price
: 10 Euros for the fabric (I'm still in shock), approx GBP3.00 for red and white purchased bias trim.

This is a pattern from a German magazine I picked up whilst in Italy last month.

I tried to make it into something with a 1960s / Mod flavour.
Ignore the hem, the picture is really wonky and it looks a lot better in real life.

If I was contributing to The Sew Weekly on a regular basis this would be my entry for The Diamond Jubilee week, since it's Mod-inspired (one of my favourite things about the UK) and very much red, white and blue.

Somewhere in the world there is also a picture of my Grandma B. wearing a blue pinny with red trim, so this would also be my entry for the Family-inspired challenge.

This dress is also a tribute to my beloved Paul Weller. Because I can't ever get enough of his music.

You can read the full story on my blog.

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