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In the past several months life has thrown many obstacles my way. The most significant and most recent of which involved moving into a smaller space. By moving into the smaller space, I have had to come face to face with the amount of fabric and sewing notions that I have acquired. I finally am having to admit that I have reached a point where I can not purchase any fabric for any reason. I need to either create something with my fabric stash, or I need to make sure it goes to a good home.

So I am making a pledge, right here on the interwebs so that I can hold myself accountable for my actions. I know that others have made this pledge earlier this year. However, at that time, I was still in denial. I was thinking that I should probably pledge, but that my stash, while large, wasn't horribly out of control. But then I moved. Boxes and totes seemed to appear by magic, coming up through the cracks in the floor, seeping out of the walls, hiding in spaces that defy physics but are somehow there deep inside the backs of closets. I am surrounded by fabric. I can't unpack because I have to find a place to put the fabric in order to have room to unpack the fabric...

I pledge to not purchase any fabric, or sheets, or any cute thing from the thrift store or charity shop or other store that could be modified into something even more cute and awesome, nor will I accept fabric from that friend, or friend of a friend, or relative of a friend, or family member who decided to not take it with them when they move, or are cleaning out their closet, or for any other reason. I will allow someone to purchase fabric and give it to me if it is for a specific project with a specific deadline. However, I will use fabric from my stash to make a wearable muslin should that occasion ever arise.

Sorry about the rambling quality of this post. It has been awhile since I have made the time to post and I figured now would be better than later. Mostly because if I post now, it means that I don't have to move boxes around.

Hey, thanks for reading! Hopefully it won't take me so long to post again. I am planning on sharing some photos of the wonderful costumes I get to see when I go to events.


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