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Oh Wow! February just flew by for me. Most nights I got to catch up on what everyone was creating but I just didn't have any time to create anything myself. So I've missed a few of the themes past, but I still have ideas for them which I'd love to get to some day!

First up, I got started on a muslin for the Valentine theme... but it didn't work out in time... Things started to get busy!

So I drew a picture instead:

For the rest of February, things stayed busy! At the end, I made some time to draw some more:

For the Oscars, I thought I don't really need a fancy dress right now... So how about making the designer dress the celebrity’s personal assistant would wear while hunting for the perfect celebrity dress? Yeah!

Then was Refashion. That got me thinking. And I'm still thinking.

Next was Art:

Oh how I'd love to own a Mondrian Dress! I'm still planning the dress. It's going to take a lot of stitches and I dare say I'll muck the first one up, so I don't like to rush it!

Little did I know I'd actually get to complete the Art week, but with a different dress! :) Stay tuned...

Now for next week, I'm pretty sure green is not going to happen for me since I don't have any green and can't get more this week. But I've had a green dress in mind for a while, so here's the sketch for that:

 And that brings me (sort of) up to date! Hoorah!

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