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Pattern: parts of disassembled couch cushion


1 ½ yards of Amy Butler Love

1 ½ yards of Viva Frida – Blue

1 yard Kokka Ladies in Natural

Time to complete: 6 hours ish


So I admit it.  I did not/could not do the last challenge.  Work, life, theatre, got in the way.  But UFO (unfinished objects?)  I was definitely intrigued and GUILTY!!!!!!  I am the queen of unfinished projects.  I start something with LOTS of bravado and then poof something happens and I am unable to finish.  Which is one of the reasons I took up sewing again that I concentrated mostly on bags, purses, and smaller gift oriented projects.  I need a deadline, I need parameters.  Or it will just sit there.  Like my couch for instance.  This is a well-loved couch that has been through countless moves, several roommates (my friend Julie and I bought this together in, what, 1999 perhaps?) and various cats hence a couch cover. 


Last summer, while, doing the Artist Way, with a couple of friends, one of my Artist’s dates was to recover the cushions on said couch.  Since I had NEVER recovered anything that didn’t involve a big industrial staple gun, I thought a muslin mock up might be beneficial and might be a good way to also learn box pillow making.  I got through one (sort of) and it sat, and sat,  . . . 


So here we are almost one year later and the muslin covered cushin might never have seen the light of day until the UFO challenge.  Thank you Mena!!!!!  When I saw this challenge I immediately thought of my well –loved couch.  Now it is not a dress or a coat or a pretty blouse but we are not limited to such things right? 


My husband actually likes to accompany me to the fabric store.  (Weird, I know) but especially if the fabric store is The Needle Shop.  When I mentioned this challenge and found a small window of time between two time commitments he was very excited if he could help pick out the fabric.  He even purchased his own roll of remnant fabric.  (Red with blenders which might show up in next weeks challenge. We’ll see)


So this is what we came up with.  The selling point was the ladies portrait.  But I looove the Frida. So why not combine the two with a complementary fabric on the other side.  And I also looove red and teal together. 

I am very please how well they turned out since I was sort of making it up as I went along.  I did  manage to complete both pillows but I constructed the first one incorrectly.  The “Ladies” are supposed to be right side up with Frida on top.  But my friend Mae came over and saw the other dots side and figured I did the construction on purpose so that the pillows were interchangeable.  I am running with that thought, mainly because I DO NOT want to rip them apart.  Although the project was relatively simple to put together, getting the pieces together was a bit tedious.




Now we have a happy couch that still continues to be loved, and slept on, and leaned on . . . By the way, the cats like it too!



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Comment by Janet S Austin on April 3, 2011 at 8:11pm
I am proud of you! Very pretty! Miss you and Tripp and love you bunches!


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