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Polka dot challenge: the "3 for the price of 1" green dotted aprons

     These three projects were made through the stretch of the end of last year and April of this year-and none were really for myself either.  But all three projects share the same fabric...a mere 1 1/2 yards from Wal-mart.  How is that for being economical!?  There are polka dots in the print-just look hard in between the bugs and daises.

APRON #1:  FOR CHRISTMAS GIFT TO MOTHER-IN-LAW:     This apron was made form scratch and followed most of Butterick #5474, view A, but I wanted something other than a tie pulling at the back of her neck.  So I used a 40's/50's vintage apron I bought at the St. Mary's, Mo. Antique Mall as the Pattern for the neck.  It's just a simple 'large-collar' type that pops over the head and lays nicely on the shoulders.

     I centered the border print (which says "All Things Grow With Love") at the bottom of the apron and raised the pockets so as not to interfere with the border.  I am glad I remembered (almost didn't) to sew on the pocket and crossed rick-rack in an X on the front BEFORE I sewed on the batiste backing using bias tape.  The pockets and the ties were cut with a contrast yellow check cotton, also from Wal-mart.  the ties were the most time consuming and bothersome part of the apron, as ties always are for me.

     When it was done, the neck collar was a bit too big for me (hung too low) so my very accommodating husband put it on so I could pin it down where I wanted.  I just sewed the center in a few inches.  The hubby is always happy to help my sewing projects, but there are limits, too...

APRON #2:  MOM"S GIFT FOR HER B-DAY JAN. 3:   My mom's apron was a UFO floating around my sewing area.  It's a refashioned green utility apron, also bought from Wal-mart.


     First of all, the ugly shape got cut, keeping the ties (Yes!).  The bottom was cut into a wide cloverleaf type design and the top I made identical to the mother-in-law apron.  I used the border left over to hand-sew it onto the rectangular pocket, with the same bias tape to finish all the edges.  Even used the same yellow rick-rack  for the decoration but varied it a little with some added brown lace, with a bow to boot!

APRON #3:  MINI APRON TO DECORATE OUR KITCHEN AND CHRISTMAS TREE:   This is basically a mini version of apron #1, except I used Simplicity # 2748 view E for the pattern, used yellow rick-rack (again) for the edging and finishing in one, and used a daisy for the right pocket and a dragonfly on the left pocket. 

     Guess what?  The waistband and ties were made from the leftover linen-look rayon that I used on my brow vintage 1949 dress, made last year (I'll post this one sometime, too).  I finished this,  my first of several mini aprons, in April of 2012.

     What works great is a box of mini clothespins that I bought years ago @ Target from the dollar bins. Maybe I was supposed to find a use for them eventually.

     Matching my mini apron is an antique hankie from my moderate collection of vintage hankies.

     These mini aprons are very tedious and time consuming since they are such little work-there's not much room for mistakes!  I wouldn't recommend anyone sewing these unless you're in the mood for some patience.  I would almost rather sew full size aprons but these are sooooo cute. 

     Believe it or not, I still have this fabric leftover.  I don't want to see it for quite awhile.



FABRIC:   all cottons from Wal-mart's fabric dept. except for utility apron bought off the shelf


NOTIONS:  all bought on 50% notions sales @ Hancock Fabric


PATTERNS:  Simplicity #2748 view E  for the mini apron, and Butterick #5474 view A for the full apron


TIME TO COMPLETE:   ??? altogether a couple hours on each apron maybe


WORN:  Hopefully the two moms wear their gifts and the third apron...well, maybe Barbie will fit in it when it's not hanging in our kitchen

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