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Look, a blog. Also known as "about me for some reason."

You can do blog posts on here! Madness. Well, then, obligatory "about me" post for anyone who is interested.

My name is Jessie. I was until recently a college student with a lifelong burning passion for playing the violin. I didn't even get to touch a violin until I was 11, much less own one at 14, but I asked for one from the time I was 4, and daydreamed about it until I got one. Went to a special music school, complete with an extra hour every day and a bus ride that started at 4:45 am, the whole nine yards. Then I went to college and, hey, suddenly the economy tanks, and there's no demand for musicians anymore. Whoo boy. Then I start to realize... my close friends aren't music majors. The people I admire aren't musicians anymore. I am dreading going to class each day and dealing with what I perceive as a pretentious, dying field that probably shouldn't even be considered a college major. Fair assessment? Probably not, but I really don't care. In short, I'm grinding steadily toward a full on burn out.

Sure enough, I don't graduate. I still haven't graduated, in fact. Instead, I've dropped out of college for the moment, ended a really toxic, multi-year, emotionally co-dependent "relationship," decided to embrace my manic depressive side and my severely ADD side, and basically start over. Find a new dream. Not an easy thing to do, seeing as my first dream saw me through my entire life up until now. But while re-examining my life, I've noticed a few things I love to do, things I do when I'm procrastinating or hiding from my own mind and everything else. I like to read, I like to hike/camp, and I like to sew.

Three things isn't a bad place to start from. I'm going to explore all of these options for hobbies, things to do in my free time other than be depressed/feel sorry for myself and maybe, just maybe, one of these things will become the new driving force in my life. Now, that's a whole lot to expect from hiking, reading, and sewing, and I don't really expect that any one of these will become the focus of my life, but a girl can dream, right?

I read recently that if we were teachers, we wouldn't expect students to know everything right away; goals are about building scaffolds, not about pole vaulting to the clouds. But we aren't nearly so kind to ourselves. Sew Weekly seems like a great scaffold for sewing goals, and I really look forward to participating.

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Comment by Seeks on January 10, 2012 at 7:07pm

Welcome! Glad to have you here! I'm fascinated by your lack of pattern use... and, pretentious or not, totally in love with the violin. I just never practice it. I'm too busy sewing. (And too bad on the violin, with only three or four years under my belt of infrequent practicing.)

Comment by Jessica Martin on January 11, 2012 at 12:05pm

Thank you so much. My brain just doesn't really "get" patterns, I don't know why. I like looking at pictures of cool things and learning to recreate them, but that takes a whole lot of time and trial and error.

The violin is totally the best instrument. ;) I don't practice nearly enough anymore either, but hey, it's about enjoying yourself!

Comment by Trish Blair on January 25, 2012 at 4:24am

Hey, and welcome.  I love how you write!  Fantastic.  Sounds like you are having a shocker.  Sewing makes me feel great (when it goes well) and there are some fantastic people here.  Can't wait to see what you make.  I think the more you look at patterns the more you will be able to read them and work out what's what.  I am a really visual learner to it all somehow clicks for me but maybe remembering that these 2D shapes will become something 3D over a human body may be something to bear in mind.  Cheers

Comment by Jessica Martin on February 2, 2012 at 12:13am

Thank you! I got really busy this past week and didn't sew much, but back and am in full swing.
I think visualizing them as 3D things represented on a 2D plane does help, thanks! Good way of thinking about it!


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