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We all have some projects "in progress" laying around, garments that we start and work on only intermittently because of our busy lives.  Over this weekend I finished not one but TWO of those "in progress" works and it is so rewarding.  For next week I have a new long sleeve floral print blouse and a new furry handbag.  

The furry handbag took longer than I care to remember.  I have to say I am quite satisfied with the handbag, made from a beige and white zebra micro-fur fabric.  I have to admit the binding on the bag was challenging however, the most difficult part was working with buckram.  Grrrrrrr....  I get frustrated with projects involving buckram and thats why this one took so long.  

The blouse is made out of a sheer crepe  fabric to allow for a flowing, lightweight, silhouette.  While I just love the finished look, this one took me about 2 and a 1/2 weeks, from start to finish.  The fabric presented a challenge in this but it was worth it.  I will post pictures this week!  

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