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Kiss the cook indeed! I'm rather chuffed with this challenge considering my efforts from last weeks challenge were an epic fail.

Never would I even consider sewing an apron, I don't even cook! my hubby does it all so I can spend all my me time sewing aprons and stuff and superimposing myself into make-believe retro kitchen scenes.





I've lined the top and back with the contrasting gingham and added a purdy little frill to snazz it up a tad. I love to snazz stuff up.

So now I'm going to nip to the shop and pick up a real cake mix to throw in this bowl Betty Crocker style and try this baby out!!! who knows it may even get me excited about cooking.... Meh!


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Comment by Karen Scott on April 9, 2011 at 4:25am

Very purdy... Steve will look lovely in it while he does the cooking *wink*...  Give me a shout when the cake's baked, I'll be right over!


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