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No pattern, with a knit fabric ( Not sure why this seems to scare so many people? It was pretty easy.), and I even did a fancy neckline and armhole thing, using facings. The only downside was that I when I was trimming the neck seam thing, I cut into the dress! Nooooo! Such a bummer. But I wore it out to play badminton last night, and am wearing it now. Oh! I traced a tank top and just traced it longer, done. If I had ever installed a sleeve before, I would have done that, but I haven't yet. So. Maybe next time. OH! and I even cut out and topstitched on a pocket! Such a useful pocket, and it looks neat.Then my husband took a picture of me in it and I wanted to cry really hard on the ground, but held my composure. Note to self, don't go out of your comfort zone and wear a bold pattern when you are at your heaviest after having a baby. I topstitched!! Can you see it? Sorry for the chest pic, I was so proud of the top stitching, and so sad about the hole right there. Boo. And this fabric is floral, zebra AND leopard.

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Comment by A Woo on July 30, 2012 at 6:43pm

Its a pocket. And God, this is such hideous fabric.


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