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Didn't Kate look amazing? a perfect princess and Pippa the perfect bridesmaid both looking stunning in Alexander McQueen. The Queen doing it Gouda style at 85 needing a little help from any of these number of rad ladies from Advanced Style me thinks, Ilona Royce 91, an absolute doll making her own eye lashes from her own hair ahhhh fantastic!!!! Sew Weekly this week was all about making a dress that teams well with a hat. Philip Treacy—I read, designed 35 hats for some of the guests at 'The Wedding' the man was on fire and what's a wedding without the odd balls? I LOVE the odd balls. Who wants safe all the time?



Here I have some appropriate listening material, my material choice consisting of spotted cotton satin along with a basic brown cotton for trims and a mustard felt to make things pop.  A vintage Style pattern thrifted from one of the many trips to opp/charity shops over the years and I have to say that my local opp shop never disappoints; this weekend I managed to pick up 5 vintage sewing patterns for $2 along with a bag full of bias binding for $1 and Ian McEwans Atonement for $2  eeeeek....shhhhh she's a secret, I'll see you Saturday morning 10am sharp. *wink wink*


I don't mind the outcome, the fabric was cut on the bias which resulted in misjudging the amount of fabric I needed in the first place arrrr I had to shoot back down to Spotlight and get another 30cm but to my horror they'd sold out!!! I had everyone searching for me, to no avail. I was almost going to drive to the next store; I gave up. Walking around the store with a hump wondering what I was going to do, there she was nestled in with all of the quilting/craft fabrics like a shining beacon of light with a choir of angels singing from the bolt. I kissed the roll and crossed the finish line with a hop skip and a jump holding up the bolt of fabric like a victory prize it was all in slow motion kinda like the ending of  'Chariots of Fire' I kid you not...PHEW!


Because the dress was cut on the bias I rolled hemmed her which I think sits well for this fabric but admitedly I do need to research other options if there are any. I cut the sleeves down as they were a tad too boxy and unfortunately you can't see the neckline which sports a pretty little bow finished off with a row of tiny buttons that sit below a generous opening, well not that generous there's really nothing generous to see.


So naturally you explore your own wardrobe for other pieces that can complement the dress. A faux fur shrug perhaps teamed with a peg leg?

jacket on

My favourite vintage coat that I purchased with a $20 note and cost me triple that to dry clean signing a disclaimer saying more or less if they were to kill the dead animal sitting on the collar a second time around that they weren't liable. True story.

jacket off

There is a perfect little pocket in there for a hip flask G&T style.

hats off

...and here is my little hat I made from felt which I think complements the green and brown, I secretly have this thing for mustard colours I don't know how this happened it's just all of a sudden appeared in my wardrobe. Happy sewing peeps *waves like a right royal nut*

I'm really not sure I will make next weeks challenge after all it is Mothers Day and I will be visiting The Queen Mum for a right royal catch up while we sip on pennyroyal tea and scoff on scones filled with large dollops of double cream and homemade jam.... Yum. Till then... Au revoir sweeties.

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Comment by Jen on May 1, 2011 at 6:18am
Fantastic dress - brilliant to shop your wardrobe to see what else will work with it. And your hat is definitely the icing.
Comment by Veronica Darling on May 1, 2011 at 6:35am

THIS is my fave blog post from you EVER! EVER!!!!!



Comment by Kazz on May 1, 2011 at 6:52am
he he it's the red wine sweetie. Thanks Veronica Darling


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