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I just completed Grainline's maritime shorts this morning.  Jen posted a great tutorial on her site that shows each step.  The pattern is fantastic--very cute and it goes together well. 


The only modification I made was to slide the back pockets in 1/2" closer to the center back seam.  The pattern has them marked about 2 1/2" from the seam line, but that looked like a lot of open real estate back there, and honestly, who needs that much open range?


This was my first time with a zipper fly, and I impressed myself.  : )  (although I should probably admit I did one on the muslin, so that helped work out the kinks.) 


And I swear I think I am standing weird, because the leg hems are even in real life. 


100% cotton denim from Joann's, not quite a yard $7.50/yd

topstitching thread $1.80

metal zip from stash

leftover interfacing for waistband

waistband hook and eye

muslin for pocket lining

pattern, $8.50


Total cost: $17.80 


And thank you to my dad for taking pictures of my rear, even though he really didn't want to.  : )

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