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First piece of the new year (and it's for me)!

One of my goals this year is to make more everyday wardrobe items for myself.  Even though I have the luxury of 2 full weekdays to sew, they're usually filled with projects for either my theatre clients or Etsy shop.  The result is that I haven't sewn something for myself since I sewed a reception dress for my wedding almost 4 years ago.

Last month I found a really great blog article through Pinterest that showed how to use 14 basic wardrobe pieces to make 30 different outfits, and I'm incorporating this idea into my sewing goal to make my own wardrobe challenge!  One of my rules is that I have to make or thrift everything, no ready-made items unless I already own them.  (I'm also trying to go on a fabric buying fast, but that really hasn't happened yet...)

So my first item in this great quest is this cute little blouse based on the Sorbetto from Collette patterns!  The fabric is a very thick poly/rayon with a matte finish.  Almost feels like it could be a peachskin fabric, but not quite.  It's light but substantial enough that I don't feel like I'm naked.  The original pattern is sleeveless, but I found a sleeve pattern online and it works perfectly.  I wasn't sure what the boxy shape would look like on my body type, but I made a muslin version first and did some alterations on that to get the shape just right before cutting my fashion fabric.

I'm not sure yet how this will work into my 14 piece wardrobe, but I know it will get used regularly.  I'm already thinking of more variations on this pattern to make again soon!

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