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Yes, you heard me right, they are growing... And here I thought I was pushing it by cutting the pants in a size 38 (a US size 8) which usually fits my bottom half everywhere except my waist... on a skinny day. So anyway, I cut the size 38 but added two inches in the waist. After the second, third and fourth fitting I think I altogether had removed five. Then I added the waistband and tried them on... too big again! Crazy!


The facts:


Fabric: Vintage corduroy bought online for about 6$
Pattern: Simplicity 5517
Year: 1973
Notions: Two buttons and a zipper from stash, as far as I can remember they barely cost me anything!
Time to complete: 6 hours
First worn: September 2011
Wear again? Definitely 

Total Cost: About 6$

For now, they look... ok-ish I think. I really hope they are not going to grow anymore, because with this type of pants, taking them in after finishing them seems "a bit" complicated. It's the pockets, if I try to fit the pants better the pockets will go wonky. Not that the pants aren't already a bit wonky, putting the zipper in made one front side wider than the other. But, like I said before, sewing complicated pants for the first time when the pattern instructions are missing: great fun.The pants are really super comfy though, so that's the upside to them growing.

Simplicity 5517, dated 1973. If I had joined the sew weekly challenges earlier, I would totally have used this pattern for the country/western style one!

I am wearing the pants with the silk paisley tunic I made this summer. It's really a favorite in my wardrobe and I love how the colors in it work just as well for flowery summer as for warm autumn fashions.
Good things about the pants: This time I got the zipper in without it looking like a three year old did it, yay! I did top stitching in bright orange that looks really cute close up, hopefully that's visible in the first pic! Also I like that I crossed the belt straps, it feels a bit more girly then.
In these pictures, the pants actually look quite alright. From the front. The few pictures I took from the back... hm, nope. They just go baggy and does nothing for my bum... Oh well. They work well with my fall color palette and I'm fairly happy considering it's my first time making pants like these! I'm not so sure I will be making this type of pockets again though, they are cute, but makes the sewing hard and altering even worse...

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