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Sorry about this post going up so late. It was intended for the first week/challenge of the year. With everything being up in the air about whether or not the Sew Weekly challenges are going to continue this year, I wasn't sure what to do for the first week and was a little hesitant to get started. Since I am slowly relearning the sewing skills that I once possessed in an effort to build upon them and learn how to make clothing that is tailored, I figured my first project of the year should be something small and easily accomplished.

I found a long, full, black velvet skirt at one of my local thrift stores for only $1. The elastic waistband no longer had any elasticity to it. The only thing between me and a beautiful bargain skirt was some new elastic. Or so I thought.
I ripped out the stitches holding the elastic in place, as well as a part of a side seam so I could take out the old elastic and put in the new elastic. The old elastic didn't want to come out. So I left it and put the new elastic in next to it. (I found out this makes it significantly harder to put new elastic in. I don't recommend it at all.)  Once I got the new elastic threaded in, I sewed the ends together and closed up the side seam. Voila! Finished!

Then I went to wear it on Sunday for a family gathering. The skirt is a full one - which means lots of fabric. It was also meant for someone with wider hips than what I have, or something. There is so much extra bulk when I put the skirt on, it adds significant weight visually. So, my bargain skirt is something that I will have to cut fabric out of in order not add inches from my waist to my hips, or I will have to find a new home for in someone else's closet.

Sadly, I do not have pictures to share with you just yet. I figured I would blog now and add photos later. Also, I found the list of challenges from last year, and will be going off of that until new challenges are issued as I did not participate last year.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to sewing lots this year!

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