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A Pattern Inspired by Kate's Bridal Gown!

Hello Ladies!


If any of you are fans of the Royal Family, I'm sure you will love this new pattern that Butterick just released!  It is very similar to the Alexander McQueen dress, and they did a fantastic job making the model look like the Princess herself!  She wears a replica of the Cartier' halo tiara, the enormous blue sapphire engagement ring, and earrings and veil that are nearly identical.  At the time of this writing (August 23rd), Butterick hasn't yet put the pictures on their website, but I just found the pattern at my local fabric store so I'm sure they'll add to their online store soon.  Besides this pattern, they've also released a design that looks just like Pippa's bridesmaid dress, and a royal flower girl pattern as well! 

You can read more about it in this article I wrote, where I also show comparison photos of the two wedding dresses. 


Hope you enjoy it!



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