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Front, I sewed 4 waist dart line and two french dart line (from sleeve to breast point), totalled six dart lines in front.

Back, i sewed an invisable zipper and sewed two long long waist dart line

why i sew this

i like to enchance my "sew to fit " level, this is my first time   undarted the bodice but do the "princess seam"under main bodice.

I made several versions with darted bodics (from shoulder, or from waist see Top 2, 3 pics)

key features

  • Princess seams are designed to fit my its performance review season , i need to show up my breast..

                Boss: nana , you need to improve your People skill (been told n years)

                Nana: but my Sewing skill is improving...

  •   the cotton fabric are sew comfortable you'll want to wear them every day
  •   zipper on the back, you won't see it..though i sew it not very invistable..i am afarid my needle brokden again...
  • the wide, long and flora print skirt make my fatty hip invisable..cover all my fatty hip. i can make and eat more *waffle !

tech specs

  • · designed for: performance review, dress in board meeting, to-and-from works


  • · fabric(s): flora prinited cotton fabric , 2 yards bought from farm's market.

       · pattern/cost:  female summer '12, very fit. and comfortable,totoal cost: 200$ntd (6.7US)










































my son: Mom, i am a little tired of eating waffles (aftereat waffleevey morning,) how about you bake cakes?

nana: my son, here is the (waffle) cakes..see 5 layers ~





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Comment by Cathy Knepp on April 25, 2013 at 7:11am

The dresses turned out wonderfully well and the waffles reminded me I have not had breakfast yet.

Comment by nana sewing on April 28, 2013 at 4:33am

Dear Cathy, Thank you, the flora dress really cheer me up all day long when i wear it to work..My boss also comment nice sewing..


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