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The "Xander's Girl" Shirt

The second I saw the TV challenge I knew I had to hit up BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. It is not only one of my favorite shows, but a motherlode of bizarre and distinctive fashion statements. Nineties and early 2000s + Southern California + crazy characters = BRILLIANCE.

However, when I sat down to decide what outfit in particular to mimic, things got tougher. Should I go for Cordelia's too-sultry-for-senior-year getups? Faith's tough-girl look? Buffy's mini-miniskirts, or…


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The "Because I'm Obnoxious" Jacket

I know this makes me the Worst Person Ever, but the first thing I think of when someone says "Queen's Jubilee" is...the Sex Pistols riding down the Thames during the Silver Jubilee in '77.


I am from a grudge-holding rebel city (Boston!) and used to live in a bitter imperial conquest (Quebec!), what can I say?

It's not that Queen Elizabeth hasn't reigned over an…


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