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"A" Is For "A-Line Dress" and "B" Is For "Bouffant Hairstyle"

     This sewing project is my sun-shiny 'never-give-up' dress.  I persisted in finishing my yellow retro/modern dress when some unexpected, time consuming correction measures were needed on it.  Now I have a very cool and classic style to get me through the summer.  With the right hairstyle, I can definitely rock the 60's era in my dress!

     There was some great…


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"Betty's Style" Border Print 50's Dress

     My floral border print dress makes me feel a part of the "Mad Men" TV series and Audrey Hepburn era, with all the class and fashion that goes with these connotations.  I am especially proud at how I made the most of what I had with my dress.  Here is a 'frankenpatterned'  creation so as to make the most of a small amount of border print fabric from my stash.  This pattern combo also makes a more manageable design to wear in our modern times while still remaining true to 1957 dresses.  I…


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My "High Standards" 1940's Jumper

     When I think of the word "jumper", my mind automatically wants to picture a dowdy, sack like article of clothing that is obviously outdated.  I'm not sure why this occurrence is the case for me, but I suppose it's easy to get misconceptions stuck in one's head.  So, as I was looking through my patterns for something different to make and wear this winter, a vintage jumper sounded fun along with the knowledge I was taking a risk with my precious fabric.  My standards for a jumper were…


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"1-2-3-4" ...Things I Love in the Hue of Red

     More often than not, St. Valentine's Day has the tendency to be overdone commercially, but there is one thing right about it - love can come in the color red.  Just to show you this fact, I'd like to show you 4 of my favorite reds; 1) a tie neck knit dress, 2) a heart mini apron, 3) a re-fashioned dress, and 4) my streamlined beauty of a car, a Ford Probe.…


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'Flowers Out In the Cold' Pullover UFO Dress and Mini Apron


FABRIC: 100% cotton gauze in a predominantly pink floral design, 4 something yards @ 99 cents a yd.;  100% cotton quilting fabric for lining and contrast neck and cuffs;  poly cling-free scraps for sleeve linings

NOTIONS: 2 spools of thread; had…


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I 'Heart' Aprons! - A Remake of a UFO

     If you care to learn something about me, know that I love aprons.  I will...and do...wear my collection of aprons A LOT, which is the great thing about making more aprons! (There is always someone to give one to as well.)  My cooking, my gardening, my housework just isn't right if I'm not wearing an apron, and an apron has more than once saved me from an unexpected change of clothes.…


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Happy New Year! My 1930's Evening Gown

    I could always picture myself as Jean Harlow (sans blond hair) wearing a long, satin, bias cut 30's evening gown.  I found my ticket by sewing up Simplicity's 75th Anniversary pattern, 5876.  Finding the pattern, new and uncut, in my size, at a VERY reasonable price before I saw a 'sold' notice...made my persistent waiting pay off!  I was excited to challenge my comfort zone by sewing a formal, fully lined, historical garment.  It is funny, because this dress did indeed proved to be a…


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Believe It Or Not...It's My Favorite Re-Makes

     Since last year when I began sewing more often (every week),  re-making a pattern is a rarity.  I like to use a pattern piece here or an idea there, incorporating a little of every other pattern into most of my projects.  When I have a nice, full file cabinet of patterns yet to make, there has to be a real winner among them to deserve a reason for a repeat.  I like variety in my clothing, and thus my favorite pattern remakes gladly look totally different.   

  It actually feels…


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Going Back to a Past (1940's) Challenge

    For last week's Challenge of Re-Doing a past theme I choose the week of May 21st to go back a fulfill-the 1940's Challenge.  This was a rather easy submission, as I sewed my dress in the late summer/early fall of the year 2011.  However, this suit-style, collared dress was my first in a new obsession with vintage patterns, and, as it turned out so well, I have worn it A LOT since it was made.  It looks so good with my old hat…


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"Remember..." the 1960's Button-Back Blouse

  Here is my lovely but late post of the garment I made for the 1960's Challenge (week of November 25th).  I actually made this on time for the challenge, but, sometimes life gets in the way of sewing and I couldn't find time to muster my writing skills and add my post.  Better late than never!

     I really enjoy wearing this blouse much more than I expected.…


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The "Lake Girl" Wanna-be 40's Satin blouse

     I suppose I am stretching the rules a bit at first glance with my submission for the "Wardrobe Staple: Shirt Challenge".  However, my husband made the point that while shirts are not blouses, perhaps all blouses are shirts.  Despite this confusion, at least this IS my new dressy 'wardrobe staple' and and I am VERY proud of how my blouse turned out.  I love to wear this!!!…


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The "It's About Time" Apron and Matching Mini

     These two projects for the week of the 'Apron Challenge' have certainly been all about time.  My first creation is a vintage half apron, found at an antique mall back in 2005 or 2007.  I bought it with the intention of turning it into a refashioned full apron,  and only recently have I completed my goal after all those years.  My second project is a mini apron, made with the leftover scraps from refashioned my vintage half apron.  The matching mini apron was completed in exactly 2 1/2…


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Orange and Black Goes Retro for Halloween

When I think of Halloween, either costumes or the colors orange and black come to mind. Since I'm the type that rather likes to go historically themed for this holiday, and since we already had something to wear, my Halloween Challenge submission is a retro/vintage Butterick dress which I actually made in August.  I put it together just in time for my Birthday, and, by happenstance, my dress matched perfectly with a scarf (a b-day present from my parents that was "picked out" by our…


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A Red Flame Amidst the Fall Leaves

     My contribution for the week of the fall challenge is this stretch knit sweater dress. I absolutely LOVE this!!!

I had been eying up this fabric for awhile.  I only bought it once I purchased McCalls #6433 and then saw it made both in Sew Weekly (for the Plaid Challenge) and in my local JoAnn's ad.  There…


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Gold Tapestry UFO Dress

     This wrap dress had been made by me several years ago, probably 2007, as a last minute decision for Christmas/New Years fancy occasion wear.  I think this was my first real dress project on my own and from scratch.  I do not think I really knew what I was completely doing back then, but, looking at this dress now, I did sew it quite well, interfacing and all, despite never finishing it! …


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Western Inspiration: My Denim and Plaid Dress

     This dress is about 2/3 refashioned, 1/3 regular fabric store remnant, and 100% creativity between myself and my husband.  What is so cool about this dress is that it's not "in-your-face-western", but subtle enough to suggest a feminine twist on the days when plaid was a staple for cowboys and denim was the next toughest thing to rawhide:)  Never intended's just how it came together...but y'all know that I love this here project!…


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Key-Hole Back Refashioned Knit Dress

This is my very frugally refashioned creation which I made in early summer of 2012.  I wanted another interesting, fairly easy, and fun project so I picked this longtime UFO to tackle.  The original dress had been bought YEARS ago as a spaghetti strap sundress at Target on clearance for either $3.00 or $6.00...I can't remember anymore.  At that price, I had to buy it because the fabric is so nice, and I love the pattern (oatmeal background…


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Kelly's "Happy in the Navy" Sundress

     Here's my contribution for this week's challenge, done in a hue of blue.  This dress was made early/mid summer of 2011 and was the first project after too long of a remission.  I had just found a place for my old singer and, of course, I needed to see how it worked.

     I hope you can see by the pictures that I am very happy with this sundress.  The navy and white flowered rayon is super soft and flowing and I feel great wearing it!…


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Polka dot challenge: the "3 for the price of 1" green dotted aprons

     These three projects were made through the stretch of the end of last year and April of this year-and none were really for myself either.  But all three projects share the same fabric...a mere 1 1/2 yards from Wal-mart.  How is that for being economical!?  There are polka dots in the print-just look hard in between the bugs and daises.



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Plaid challenge: something old and something new


     This creation was made for the week of the plaid challenge.  It was finished September 3, 2012.  It is a vintage-inspired, yet modern pattern, made out of  just a few yards of cotton. 


My dad picked this fabric out for me to buy years ago and, at that time, I hated the print-absolutely did not know what to do…


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