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"Water for Elephants" Imitation Knot-Neck Halter Dress

     The thrill of the circus was a welcome distraction to lift the spirits of people of the 1930's, who were so busy trying to eke out a living.  Television wasn't around yet, and radio broadcasts were not a common mode of entertainment, either.  This is why so many stars and performers of big (and not so big) traveling circuses were…


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A Frustrating 40's Retro Blouse Pattern

     Every so often I happen to pick a pattern to make, only to find it makes me want to throw it in a corner out of exasperation.  As long as this occurs "every so often" I can see it as a challenge and make the best of things.  This subject brings me to admit how a new (as of this spring/summer) Simplicity "Vintage 40's" blouses pattern was trouble hidden by a very enticing envelope drawing.   

     Don't get me wrong - I really like my blouse and have worn it plenty of times…


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"In the Mood" to Swing in My 1940 Floral Bed Sheet Dress

     Who doesn't love an all-around good deal, especially when it is chock full of value, quality, and practicality?  Well, I hit the jackpot here, spending less than five dollars with this dress, which is a 1940 Vintage Vogue reprint.  Who would have guessed that some vintage bed linens could turn out something great like this! 



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