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Prohibition? Bah! Time for a Mid-20's Speakeasy Party Dress

     In the history of America, the thirteen years (1920 to 1933) during which citizens were meant to go dry from alcoholic liquids unintentionally became a time for much of the opposite to sobriety.  The era of the "flapper-and-gangster" cocktail drinking crowd was born, and flagrant law-breaking lived alongside the sober and those that loved fun times.

     I've always loved the history of the 1920's and 30's, but recently learned a whole lot more about what was going on in those…


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Serpentine Style Dressing for 1948

     With Vintage Vogue #2787 dress having an S-shaped front, that letter can here stand for words such as 'stunning style', but I can also unfortunately use the words 'skeptical', or even 'stifling'.  Once, however, I accessorized my dress, wore it out to a few events,…


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The Tap Dancing, Scalloped Collar Dress from "The Artist" Movie

     Out of all the Silver Screen look-alikes I have made yet, none have been as rewarding to see finished, as fun to wear, or as tiresome to make as my newest Hollywood imitation: a dress from the movie "The Artist".  This dress is also one my best fitting creations, amongst my modern and vintage sewing alike.  I simply can't help but break out and dance like Peppy in this dress, especially since I now have a good excuse to wear my tap shoes!…


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An Urban Chic Refashioned Sundress

     Once upon a time, there was a young lady (ahem, myself) who walked in a Goodwill store with the desire to find something to refashion.  Then, she found a neglected strapless sundress, having seen little wear as of yet, that caught her eye amongst the discount rack.  The sundress received the best makeover treatment in its lifetime and made the young lady both very happy and looking great as well.  A happy ending is enjoyed by all...…


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