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October 2014 Blog Posts (3)

A 'Double-Duty' 1931 Day Dress

     This "new" vintage dress which I have recently made is an all-around transitional piece, in more ways than one.  It offers a print and fabric and colors all perfect for the varying temperatures of both fall and spring.  At the same time, as a vintage/historical garment, my dress is a mix of styles and fashion ideals which were used through three decades: the 20's, the 30's, and the 40's.  Wow...that's a lot to go into something to wear!  It might be unusual, and certainly different -…


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'Lady in Lace' - an Early 1920's Tea Dress

     Amongst all the products in the world of fabric and textiles, there is nothing quite like lace which has stood through every century as an icon for everything about being feminine.  Lace especially meant more in the 20's, as a sort of compliment by contrast, when the silhouette of the era was straight and boyish but the fabric and trim used was supremely…


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Prohibition? Bah! Time for a Mid-20's Speakeasy Party Dress

     In the history of America, the thirteen years (1920 to 1933) during which citizens were meant to go dry from alcoholic liquids unintentionally became a time for much of the opposite to sobriety.  The era of the "flapper-and-gangster" cocktail drinking crowd was born, and flagrant law-breaking lived alongside the sober and those that loved fun times.

     I've always loved the history of the 1920's and 30's, but recently learned a whole lot more about what was going on in those…


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