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August 2014 Blog Posts (4)

Assembling a 1920's Tux Ensemble: Part 1 - Buttoned Spats

     Having more 20s themed parties and events to attend, together with a great vintage find of an old tuxedo jacket and pants, has entailed my working towards putting together everything necessary to historically suit up my hubby like a "white tie" gentleman from the Jazz Age. 

     This post is "part 1" of what will more than likely be a total of three, maybe four, total increments to reach a complete 1920's Tuxedo ensemble.  The other parts will be the shirt (and collar), vest, and…


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"Summer in the City..." the Burda Style Way

     Ah, yes...summer in the city, when it's hot out and the perfect time to sew up a new and bold, modern-styled shift dress.  Like my "grey T-shirt re-fashion" (the previous post), this dress was definitely another impulse project, fulfilling a dual 'need' of the moment - my desire for a new modern easy project, and my new found love for Burda Style patterns.…


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From "Plain" to "Pretty": My Grey T-Shirt Re-fashion

     "Plain Jane" is just fine and has its place, but why accept just that when it means having a clothing item sit unworn in my closet?!?  Using a new Simplicity pattern release #1463, I have re-worked a plain, ill-fitting, RTW T-shirt into a top with the year's latest design using a new Simplicity pattern release, #1463.  A few variances to the pattern were necessary on account of fit and my personal taste, but I love the finished result.  I think it's better than the original…


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"Sometimes"...You Just Have to Go a Little "Mad"

     I'm not really referring to a mental condition or an emotion with my title... it's more specifically "Mad Men" the, that is, or even more precisely "mad" for a crazy "disco era" color scheme!  Yes!  This "Mad Men" inspired late 60s dress of mine is my ultimate summer party dress for this year. …


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