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May 2013 Blog Posts (5)

Great Gatsby! An Early 1920's Tunic Top and Belt

     This is the outfit I made to see, on opening weekend, the new "The Great Gatsby" movie.  The tunic is very cool, loose, and breezy, just like the ideal 20's silhouette.  My outfit was so easy sew!  For once I spoiled myself and took my good old time to make it, resulting in a very fun and low stress project.

     I was channeling the early 20's with my combination, in which the large fancy hats from the late teens were still popular, but quickly loosing favor to the flapper…


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My Hankie-Hem Dress of 1929 - the Year of Ups and Downs

     My dress is, I believe, quite historically accurate.  I have taken a good amount of time and patience to get this project right, done plenty of historical and fashion research, and my public approval has come unwarranted in the form of comments from strangers.  The best part about my hankie-hem dress is the way it fits, how it feels so fun, and is very comfortable to wear!

     My dress is meant to channel the 'turn of the decade' 1929 look, as evidenced by my early 30's…


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History Under Cover - My 1920's Tap Pants

      An interesting facet of fashion history is the rather quiet and not so well known area of what is the first layer, what goes hidden -and often forgotten- under peoples' clothing.  I personally would consider it a good thing to bring back at least some of the beautiful and practical vintage lingerie, especially tap pants (or tango shorts  and French knickers as they are also called).   There was, and still is,  an easy decency, discreet fashion, and happy practicality about these pairs…


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"Pretty In Pink" - Twist Neck 1935 Blouse

     Re-releasing vintage pattern 2859 was one of Vogue Company's best moves, in my humble opinion, and I really enjoy the finished results.  My version of the blouse/top from V2859 embodies three of the most popular, most distinctive fashion trends for women in the 1930's, not to mention the fact my top pays homage to two of that era's top rival designers, Coco Chanel and…


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