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patterns and more patterns

Having always been stingy with pattern purchases in earlier time, I think I have turned over a new leaf and gone quite nuts for pattern purchasing.


I'm waiting on two ebay pattern purchases including one bulk purchase which is always a bit exciting because you don't know what will be in there - still, if you get them for a song, why worry.


I also did some browsing at Lincraft on Tuesday (love public holidays!) and got a couple of half-price patterns and now I…


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The Denise Huxtable -TV Character

The Facts

Fabric: Cotton, I love cotton.

Pattern: from within my head

Year: 2010

Notions: no notions

Time to complete: approx 2hours

First worn: 2010

Wear again? have done several times

Total Cost: approx $20…


Added by Kazz on April 23, 2011 at 3:00am — 2 Comments

The Plight of the Poor Decision Maker

I am terrible at making decisions. This extends into my sewing life as well - I can never decide what pattern to use with what fabric. To this end, you can usually see me traipsing into work with two green bags full of fabric and patterns. While hiding from my manager, an exceptionally tolerant work colleague helps me pick what pattern I'm going to use with what fabric. However, I'm currently on a few days leave from work and I want to make a dress. Enter stage left, poor decision maker. I…


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Rochester Sewing Club

 This is todays meeting. If you live in Kent and wanna join us :




Added by Rachel Pinheiro on April 17, 2011 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Just Kidding Around

The Facts

Fabric: Cotton Black Denim.

Pattern: Simplicity 6926

Year: 1975

Notions: 14 Red Buttons

Time to complete: approx 4 hours

First worn: April 2011

Wear again? Yep!! sure will.

Total Cost: $20


I almost didn't think I was going to make it to this weeks challenge , we've been driving…


Added by Kazz on April 17, 2011 at 2:30am — 1 Comment

The "Disembodied Dinoss Longs"

As all but four of my childhood photos are interstate with my parents, I couldn't find enough inspiration for this weeks' challenge. Instead, in the spirit of handmade childhood outfits, I decided to make something for my nearly two year old nephew. I've had some dinosaur flannelette material in my stash for quite some time and so this week I finally made them into pyjama pants. My nephew calls them his "dinoss longs" - "dinoss" for dinosaur and "longs" are what he calls pants (his shorts…


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Advice needed!

My mom's visiting for a week & offering expert help with one pattern. Simplicity 2211 B (a Lisette skirt) or Simplicity 2599 D (a top, ubiquitous in the blogosphere right now) ... ? I'm leaning towards the latter as I'm terrified of darts and have never done any… Continue

Added by Mommy en France on April 16, 2011 at 2:42am — 3 Comments

Pin Cushions where you didn't expect them.

I was shopping for a few more notions for the Community Travelling Lace and came across a little pattern for pot holders that was rather cute. The packet is fairly foxed, but the pattern has never been used. Interestingly and timely for the Pin Cushion theme of this month I found a little extra pattern tucked inside. … Continue

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The " I NEED a Cocktail" Dress

The Facts

Fabric:  black cotton/faux linen 4 yards for $4 (yes!)

Amy butler Lotus ( a scrap from stash) and Amy Butler Love (leftover from UFO challenge) -free ish

Patterns: Burda , ~$5.95

      Vintage Cocktail Pattern from Tipnut -…


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Again my sewing is thwarted due to lack of planning

I have started on this week's challenge- kidding around - and the usual has happened. I have charged into the project without checking to see that I have all necessary items! You think I would have worked out by now that this is not a good thing.

A zip, a zip - my kingdom for a 7" reddish brown trouser zip.

I have found one that almost works except I am not convinced that it will be strong enough - more of a skirt or lighter item zip.



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Nullas Anxietas III

Are there any Pratchett Discworld fans out there?


I have just caught up on my Sewweekly after three days up in Sydney attending Nullas Anxietas III - the third Australian Discworld Convention.


What an absolute blast I had - the costumes, the plays, the like-minded people - one giant enjoyable nerd-fest. Having attended all three Australian Cons, I can't wait for the next one (even if it is two years off).

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Testing, testing . . . 1, 2, 3.

I'm curious how a blog post works here.  Is it only accessible through the site?

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Easter dress

Here is my 1940's Easter dress. Check out more at

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My sewing space !

I just had the courage to tided all in one place and I’m really happy with it !

On the top 2 shelf’s are my fabrics ( 1st dressmaking , 2nd crafts/quilts)

3rd shelf only my sewing books, magazines and DVDs.

4th shelf, my patterns, 5th jewellery pieces and project on the go and the last with my wools for crochet and knit.


I have also a box of unwanted but in good state clothes in the closet  that I…


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Kiss the Cook Apron Challenge.

Kiss the cook indeed! I'm rather chuffed with this challenge considering my efforts from last weeks challenge were an epic fail.

Never would I even consider sewing an apron, I don't even cook! my hubby does it all so I can spend all my me time sewing aprons and stuff and superimposing myself into make-believe retro kitchen scenes.…


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MUM knows best.

 My mom is very energetic and gorgeous and this post is to share some of the lovely things she make when she have time. ( and of course, its was mothers day yesterday and I miss her very much- she lives in Brazil)

Lets start with lovely cupcakes & cookies

and the beatiful tables ....

 Mothers day:…


Added by Rachel Pinheiro on April 4, 2011 at 10:33am — 2 Comments

The UFO challenge turns out to be a polyester nightmare.

I have to say that this 'un-finished object' had gotten as far as purchasing the fabric along with the idea of making shorts!!!! so I hadn't even cut into the fabric it was just some whack idea I thought I could pull off, first off my fabric choice was all kinds of wrong, secondly what was I thinking... shorts!!! eeeek. Maybe I had some flash idea that I could pull off this polyester/cotton nightmare, and maybe if I had chosen a more flattering fabric this idea may of worked, I guess it's…


Added by Kazz on April 2, 2011 at 11:45pm — 6 Comments

Portrait of a Well-Loved Couch

Pattern: parts of disassembled couch cushion


1 ½ yards of Amy Butler Love

1 ½ yards of Viva Frida – Blue

1 yard Kokka Ladies in…


Added by Patricia Austin on April 2, 2011 at 12:33pm — 1 Comment

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