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February 2014 Blog Posts (3)

Time for the Tango! My 1920's Combination "Step-In" Knickers

     The new boyish silhouette that became fashionable for women and in the 20's demanded a whole new styling of undergarments. The desired shape of the day featured a flat chest, narrow hips, broad shoulders, and an obliteration of highlighting feminine curves.  Advancements in home comforts, such as heating, as well as an active lifestyle, heralded lighter underclothes with an enticing beauty and a practical down-to-earth purpose.

     I have made a piece of historical lingerie…


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Geometric Lines of the Times - My 20's Inspired Tunic

     Here is one project that couldn't help the way it turned out!  It was one of those special garments that kind of makes itself...and in this case, that is a VERY good thing.  I merely knew what era I wanted (the 20's), knew what color (mustard yellow) and fabric (linen blend) I wanted to be working on, then, with plenty of fashion research, did whatever seemed right.  I can't lay claim to any one specific pattern or garment as an inspiration.  The finished tunic is simply my…


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Transformational Knitwear: My "Modern" 1920's Shawl Collared Dress

     One of the milestones to fashion history came when the much loved knitwear came into being. I tried to channel the innovative qualities of both knitwear and the 20's style in this project.  A resale store purchase of a RTW dress, with a 'big box' store lab el, was transformed into a new vintage style dress reflecting the height 1920's…


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